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Pacquiao Stuns Hatton With Violent Second Round KO
May 3, 2009 · By Scott Swerbinsky

What was supposed to be a mega fight turned out to be a massive blowout. Manny Pacquiao showed everyone who was watching why he is considered the best fighter in the world.

What a brutal knockout. The left that Manny Paquiao landed rocked Ricky Hatton and left him motionless for a few minutes. It came in the second round and you knew it was coming after a dominating first round. Hatton never had a chance.

Ricky Hatton took a few punches and his face was already bright red. The weight cutting took a toll but the power of Pacquiao put him to sleep, literally. The hand speed between these two fighters was like night and day.  Hatton is a dirty brawler who landed more shots behind the head of Pacquiao than he did to the chin or body.  Manny made him pay.

Pacquiao came out and looked to counter punch because of the speed difference. It was easy to see Hatton knew that he couldn't outbox Pacquiao. Manny landed every punch right on the button and scored two knockdowns in the very first round. Hatton was wobbled and on shaky legs as the first round came to a stop.

The second round was a destruction. A picture perfect shot had Hatton out for a few minutes and brought the fight to a merciful end. Hatton's body was completely limp and the ref had no need for a ten count. Ricky got a great look at the lights at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao did what he needed to do against an outclassed opponent. Ricky Hatton has had a nice career but after his last few performances, it's clear he is nowhere near a top twenty pound for pound fighter. Manny Pacquiao on the other hand, is on top of the charts.

What's next for Manny? Everything got a lot more interesting as the return of "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather Jr. was announced yesterday. He will step in with Juan Manuel Marquez in July. Manny could wait for the winner, he has earned that right.  There is a possibility of a fight with Shane Mosley also.  With his exciting style and phenomenal hand speed, I know I'm tuning in no matter who he is fighting.

On the undercard, rising star Daniel Jacobs won his second fight in eight days. Jacobs just outworked and outclassed Mike Walker, a decent veteran of the sport. The eight round victory was an easy decision win for "The Golden Child."

A huge night for boxing that saw a brutal knockout ending. Manny Pacquiao is such a likeable guy, but his boxing skills make him must see television. Another dominating performance for the Pac-Man.  I can't wait to see who he takes on next.

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