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September 20, 2009
ELITE 8 UNDERWAY!...It's been 45 years since the last Cleveland sports championship, but these decades of woe have not been without their heroes. This 64-man tournament looks to narrow down those Browns, Indians, and Cavs players who performed most admirably during our city's prolonged sports curse, entertaining us and instilling hope, however briefly, that better days were ahead.

Bracket Analysis with Andrew Clayman & Jeff Ellis:
ROUND ONE: Brown & Orange Regional | Wine & Gold Regional | Red & Blue Regional | Scarlet & Gray Regional
ROUND TWO: Part I | Part II ~ ROUND THREE: Part I | Part II ~ ROUND FOUR: Elite 8
Archived TCF Brackets
July 21, 2009
Like tastes in movies themselves, tastes in what is funny and what is not are entirely subjective. What is gut-busting to us might be utterly un-amusing to you, and vice-versa. But that doesn't stop us from listing our choices for the 64 best comedies in the history of cinema- and it won't stop you from picking one side-splitter to rule them all.
June 14, 2009
Recently, the members of our Cavaliers & NBA discussion forum here on the site came up with a great idea to conduct a draft of the greatest players in NBA history, and see who could assemble the best team. The draft is now complete, and we take the decision on who's team is the best to the visitors and voters of TheClevelandFan.com.
January 13, 2009
When you're a three-sport town, there is ample room for enemies, and Cleveland has plenty of them. We of course, know about Elway, Jordan, and He Who Shall Not Be Named. But who is the biggest active villain in Cleveland sports today? We leave it for you to decide.
October 26, 2008
For the most part, it�s been rough going for the Browns since they returned to the NFL fold in 1999. Cleveland is 52-97 since coming back to the league, finding ways to lose games in almost every way imaginable. The �new� Browns have had four head coaches, two winning seasons, countless injuries and unlucky breaks, and haven�t won a playoff game. By every measure they�ve been one of the worst franchises in the NFL over the last decade.

Yet it hasn�t all been woe and misery. There have been times where this frustrating, exasperating team has grasped with palsied hands for glory- and found it. We�ve seen thrilling comebacks, shocking upsets, and brilliant performances by our boys in Seal Brown & Orange- times where, if but for a fleeting few hours, these new Browns have reminded us of the outsized heroes with whom we grew up.

Here are the sixteen greatest wins since the Return, as compiled by the staff of the Cleveland Fan.

UPDATE - Our winner has been selected! The Tim Couch Sunday night rout of the Steelers in Heinz Field.
April 8, 2008
During their 107 years of existence, the Cleveland Indians franchise has made hundreds and hundreds of trades. We here at The Cleveland Fan sought out to establish the 16 greatest trades in the franchises history, and now we bring them to the people to decide the greatest ever in a bracket format.

We are now down to the Championship Match. Voting will remain up through Saturday, June 7th.
February 25, 2008
We've seen a lot of outstanding players for the Tribe since the Jake opened its gates in 1994. But who is the best Indian of the Jacobs Field era?

The people have spoken! Omar Vizquel defeated Jim Thome by a 80% to 20% margin in the title game!
February 17, 2008
From Star Wars to E.T. to The Terminator and The Matrix series ... the science fiction film genre has been a favorite of film fans for many years. We took the sci-fi ratings from five different credible sources to create a list of the 64 greatest, and based on an average of those ratings, came up with the seedings.

Now, we ask you, the loyal denizens of The Cleveland Fan, to determine the greatest sci-fi movie ever by voting in our latest bracket.

The people have spoken! The Empire Strikes Back defeated The Matrix by a 65% to 35% count in the title game!
December 7, 2007
Who has the best uniforms in the NFL? This is the topic of our latest bracket here at The Cleveland Fan as we put in the hands of you, the readers.

Will the tradition of the Browns, Colts, Packers, and Raiders prevail victorious? Or the new age look of the Buccaneers, Saints, or Patriots?

Our winner? Big shocker. The Browns!
November 8, 2007
Do you prefer the classy elegance of Notre Dame and Penn State? Or the bright, bold, progressive uniforms of teams like Oregon and Boise State? We settled it here at The Cleveland Fan, as we pitted the 32 best uniforms in college football against one another in a bracket format.

We've excluded Ohio State from the competition, as it's clear they have the best uniforms in all of college sports, and would render the bracket moot by barnstorming to a landslide title.

Our champion? Notre Dame, who barely fought off USC in the championship match with 53% of the vote.
August 31, 2007
The history of Cleveland Sports is rife with heartbreak. But what single occasion stands above (or below) the rest?

We asked our visitors to decide, matching up the 32 most heartbreaking moments in a bracket format.

Our winner? The Indians 1997 loss to the Marlins in the World Series. It recieved 57% of the votes in the championship showdown against "The Drive".
August 3, 2007
As things stand today, in 2007, who is the best actor in the business? Are Nicholson, Pacino, Hanks, and DeNiro still the top dogs ... or have they been eclipsed by the Matt Damons, Brad Pitts, and Leo DiCaprios of the world over the course of the last decade? Go vote, and we'll find out.

Our winner, by a vote of 69% to 31% (over Jack Nicholson) is .... ROBERT DENIRO!!!!
July 26, 2007
It's been 43 years since the Browns defeated the Baltimore Colts in the NFL Championship game. What has been the greatest moment in Cleveland sports history since that day?

Our winner, by a vote of 75% to 25% (over the Cavs winning the LeBron James lottery) is the 1995 INDIANS DEFEATING THE SEATTLE MARINERS FOR THE 1995 AL PENNANT!
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