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Mansfield Lucas

Writing Topic(s): Browns
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Mansfield Lucas is not his real name, but the takes you'll get are as real and raw as they come. Sometimes intelligent, sometimes whack, sometimes thought provoking, sometimes inspiring questions of just what did his parents do to him, anyway? grammatically sound but always readable. As satisfying as an old POC in a 40 degree can.

Mansfield grew up in the heart of Cleveland's East Side in Euclid, and like Greg Brinda attended St Ignatius High School, and like Greg, decided that rather than go onto college he'd matriculate to Kent State. Unlike Greg, Mansfield actually knows what he's talking about and rarely stutters.

Mansfield has written for over a decade on several internet sites and has also been a published sports writer and music critic for the now defunct Downtown Tab magazine, which means, yes, somebody actually did pay him to write this crap at one time. Shocking.

Mansfield has a PhD in the TCE (TM) (The Cleveland Exeperience, as in sports' experience), a concept that will no doubt come up frequently in his blurbs. He will be covering the Cleveland Browns for The Cleveland Fan.

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