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Jarad Regano

Writing Topic(s): Indians
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Jarad Regano has been a die-hard Cleveland Sports fan his entire life/ Like most of you, he has lived and ... well, died and died with the three major sports franchises in Cleveland.

Jarad witnessed disappointment first-hand from right behind the players' families section at Game 5 vs. the Bulls. How a building can go from that loud to total silence that quicky is unbelieveable.

While the Browns and the Cavaliers are extremely important, Jarad's first love will always be the Indians. I think its safe to say that others would characterize Jarad as a glass half empty ... three-quarters empty ... with a leak in the bottom of it kind of guy when it comes to Cleveland sports. Jarad would argue that after 50+ years of futility, being skeptical is just being a good fan. And if you're skeptical around here ... you are probably right!

Regano will be covering the Cleveland Indians for Swerb's Blurbs.

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