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Lead Pipe Locks
November 19, 2009 · By Mike Piper

You could leave your glasses at the restaurant in hopes of luring a young, stud waiter back to your house. You could try to pawn off some sports memorabilia in Las Vegas. Or you could lose exactly the same amount of weekly football wagers as you won. Each and every one of these scenarios will produce the same result - a beating from the juice.  

Yes players, for the Lead Man last week it was the latter, as he suffered a Nicole Brown-ing at the hands of the house, temporarily delaying the LP express with a sister kissing 1-1 week. Lead Man had a cake walk as the Beavers damned up the Huskies, but he took one on the chin as the Rams covered against the Saints and Boston College pushed in their battle with Virginia. He looks to get back in the winner's circle this week, as he and his staff at the Leadquarters have uncovered some key information in regard to some tilts on this week's slate.  

But this weekend isn't just any weekend, it's Michigan weekend. 

Some around these parts are claiming that Michigan's recent run of suck has taken a bit of the shine off of this storied rivalry. While that may be the opinion of some, for LP, it couldn't be further from the truth. The reason - Rich Rodriguez. Any time the Lead Man can watch a symbol for all that's wrong with collegiate athletics get his crank kicked in the dirt, well, that gets him fired up. This week's game, important to the Buckeyes strictly from the rivalry standpoint, holds HUGE value to the Wolverine nation. A Michigan loss at the Big House will certainly cost them bowl eligibility and it could cost Dick Rod his job. It would be nice if the Bucks sent him packing come 3:00 on Saturday. 

By the way, all the talk about the personnel Rodriguez is recruiting centers around offensive players that are a fit for his spread option offense. This is all well and good, but allow Lead Man to point out that they need to get much, much better on defense before they are going to start to consistently win. With each passing year the spread-option exists teams are going to become more adept at defending it. Michigan is not going to be able to simply outscore everybody. The days of anyone doing so are dwindling, perhaps not as fast as his days of being the Michigan head coach, but they are definitely dwindling. C'mon Vest, end this Dick's career on Saturday. Go Bucks! 

Iowa, losers of two straight, look to get back on the winning track as they welcome Minnesota to Kinnick Stadium. A struggling Minnesota could be just what the doctor ordered. The Gophers managed only 231 yards of total offense last week against SOUTH DAKOTA STATE, as QB Adam Weber continues to struggle. While Iowa has dropped their last two, they continue to play strong defense. Meanwhile on the other side of the ball, redshirt freshman James Vandenberg stepped in admirably for injured starter Ricky Stanzi and displayed both a strong arm and a hot mom. Actually, the Leadquarters believes Iowa is a stronger squad with him at the helm rather than Stanzi, but the real story will be the Hawkeye defense Saturday - look for them to leave great big gobs of greasy, grimy Gopher guts on the Kinnick Stadium turf. 

Iowa -10 

Rutgers travels to the Carrier Dome to tangle with Syracuse this weekend. Rutgers was somewhat dismissed after early season losses to Cincy and Pitt, two teams that have proven to be strong. Since than Rutgers is really playing well, and they run into a team that is a mess. The ‘Cuse has lost a half dozen players for the season due to injury, and two weeks ago, their best player - receiver Mike Williams, up and quit the squad. The cat was probably as sick of watching Greg Paulus lob the pill to him as we were of watching Paulus slap the floor and cry to officials when he was that typical, bad, white Duke point guard. Syracuse has yet to obtain a conference victory, while Rutgers has proven to be tough on the road, winning 5 straight. And here's the big key; Rutgers is adept at taking the ball away and Syracuse loves to hand it over. Look for an improving frosh QB in Tom Savage to have an efficient game, and let the Scarlet Night defense take care of the rest. 

Rutgers -7.5 

Arkansas QB Ryan Mallet has been throwing the hammer down lately. Look for this trend to continue this week as his Razorbacks host a struggling Mississippi State squad. The Bulldogs are coming off a pounding at the hands of Alabama, and while the Arkansas defense doesn't compare to Bama's, their offense has been extremely efficient. The Leadquarters doesn't feel like the Bulldogs can keep up with Mallet and the boys. Arkansas has been playing well at home, and historically against the Bulldogs they play well at home and against the number. Go with the Razorbacks, collect the greenbacks. 

Arkansas -10 

***Late college addition at press time. Utah -17.5 

In the professional ranks we'll make it two wagers in a row against the Rams. Last week the Rams got the Lead Man as they stayed in the game all day long against the Saints. And while new head coach Steve Spagnola seems to have instilled some confidence in the troops, the match-ups in this game may be too hard to ignore. LP does not believe the Rams will pressure Cardinal QB Kurt Warner enough without the help of the blitz. Warner has made a career off of teams blitzing in that dome and he should stay hot and do the same on Sunday. Also, as rookie RB Beanie Wells begins to emerge, you have the makings of a STRONG offense. They were very good before based solely on the passing game. If Wells fulfills his promise, the Cardinals have more ways to hit home runs than anyone in the NFL, including the Colts or Patriots. Do what the Lead Man always does - play your Cards right. 

Arizona -8.5 

Good luck players!!!

YTD RECORD: 22-16-1 (57.9%)

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