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2013 Offense

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2013 Offense

Unread postby furls » Wed Oct 30, 2013 9:01 am

So I have a very good friend that is a scUM alum and big fan. Follows recruiting, knows every position on their team 3 deep, knows which HS every kid on the team went to etc. He is just like me, but on the Evil side of the rivalry.

Anyways, he said that in watching our offense destroy PSU during the scUM bye week that he, "Went through all seven of the deadly sins (wrath, envy, pride, etc.) and all 5 steps of the grieving process in a four hour period." He said that he is hoping that The Game is somehow post-poned this year because he is terrified at how bad it will be. He gave me a quick break down of the offense, and why it terrified him and it was nice to see it from an outside source.

The gist of his breakdown is that OSU can destroy you offensively anyway that a team can beat you and that the parts are there to beat any defense. I think he is right.

-OL is as good as I can remember at OSU. We have had some better players at some positions, but an OL is as good as its weakest link and OSU's weakest link is pretty good. Here are the gist of this guys points:

-Miller and especially Hyde can pound you inside.

-Miller, Wilson and Hyde can beat you outside.

-The passing game spreads you to beat you horizontally, but can also beat you vertically. Miller has the arm to make all the throws all over the field.

-The outside WR are fast enough to beat you down the field and therefore need safety help.

-and if all of that fails, they also have pretty good inside WRs and a good TE.

We talked about how you beat this team defensively and he said the answer used to be stop the running game (Hyde and Miller) and make Miller beat you with his arm. That said, the way this OL is playing and with a QB option, that almost demands 8 in the box which is tough against a spread and creates number disadvantages on the outside and creates man coverage. The way Miller is playing, that isn't going to work. As long as Miller isn't bad (doesn't even have to be good or great) this offense goes.

I think going forward it actually improves each year as the guys waiting in the wings are pretty talented too. The primary concern for 2014 and beyond has to be the OL. I am not really worried about the skill positions.
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Re: 2013 Offense

Unread postby FUDU » Wed Oct 30, 2013 5:18 pm

Gardener is the biggest X factor for THE game this year. He is capable of hurting you with the long ball, if scum can create opportunities to go deep, and Gardener executes, scum could put up some points on our D. If scum can't do that the beat down is on to the tune of a 30 pt blowout for the Buckeyes.
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Re: 2013 Offenseght

Unread postby Juannieboy » Wed Oct 30, 2013 8:31 pm

I think Millers development at QB is amazing and Meyer has him and the components working at peak performance. It seemed to all come together after half time of the Iowa game. This offense is lethal! Your Mic*igan friend is prolly rightfully shitting his pants,
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