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It's about time......

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It's about time......

Unread postby pup » Tue Sep 19, 2006 5:55 pm

someone with a voice showed some fire in this city. Thank you Mr. Winslow for saying something that HAD to be sad. I am not one to normally agree with a player, especially one that has played 4 games in his career, calling out a coach, but this had to be said.

1. He is right. You have to find a way to open up this offense. I am sick of seeing 8 guys in the box and a blitz on every down when we have the ball. How is he not on the field on every makeable 3rd down?

2. Who else is going to say it? A down lineman? If not, there are no veterans to do the talking. It has to come from someone people believe is important, and right now, noone else on the offense qualifies.

3. If I remember correct, when you asked people around training camp what stood out, you heard a lot of this, "Kellen Winslow taking over as a leader on this team and working his ass off." Isn't that the guy that you want sounding off?
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Unread postby swerb » Tue Sep 19, 2006 8:51 pm

Normally I would be opposed to a player publicly calling out the coaching staff ... especially a player who has played all of 4 games as a pro.

However, the circumstances surrounding this Cleveland Browns franchise right now are far from normal.

Winslow is the embodiment of everything the Browns have lacked since their return to the league. He is a superb offensive talent. He's confident and cocky. Hes a lightning rod of excitment and electricity. Hes a playmaker.

The lack of imagination, innovation, and risk taking in the offensive play calling has been absolutely mind boggling the first two weeks. For Winslow to not be on the field for four of the teams ten third down plays is completely inexcusable. The fact that they have not split him out wide at all ... especially in the wake of the Jurevicius injury ... is also incomprehendable. We have a head coach who knows nothing about offense. We have an offensive coordinator who has never called plays before coming here. In hindsight, I'm embarrassed that I didn't have more concern about this duo taking over the helms of an offense that has been perennially awful.

I don't blame Winslow here. Hes quickly becoming a team leader, and is voicing the collective frustrations of the team here. The level of incompetence in guiding this offense has been so great ... that I am actually applauding a player doing something that would normally disgust me.
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