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Browns @ Steelers: Shurmur's Final Fiasco

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Re: Browns @ Steelers: Shurmur's Final Fiasco

Unread postby leadpipe » Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:56 am

Lubber wrote:Pipe..

This year is a little bit of an anomaly. The top 3 passers by yards are not in the playoffs, while the top 3 rushers by yards are in the playoffs.

Looking at the playoff teams, there are several teams without that elite QB guy, but instead have a main RB and solid defenses (Seattle, San Fran, Houston, Baltimore, Bengals, Vikings).

Is this just a one year anomaly, or a trend where defenses are doing a better job against pass heavy teams? Even the Packers struggled early until they committed more of their offense to the run mid season.

I don't think defenses have much hope. Look at San Fran from a couple different angles;

1. If this team was in the league ten years ago it would be lights out. BY FAR the fastest, most physical and gifted defensive team in the league. They STUNNED the Patriots a few weeks back, as they stun many teams.....but the good teams - like the Patriots, like the Saints last year...they're gonna score their points. The rules dictate this. Which again why the order is 1. QB 2a. Protecting the QB and 2b. Getting to the QB, are head and shoulders above everything else. Why the hell do you think the best defensive mind of our time is at the head of one of the better offenses of our time. Cause scoring points is waaaaay easier than stopping points - unless you go against teams that are insistent on "pounding" the ball 1970's style. Belichick and the like have known for years how to stop that.

2. Because of the above number one, Harbaugh switched to the QB that COULD become elite. He understands that a game manager winning that trophy is damn near impossible. He KNOWS what he has on defense, and he KNOWS defense probably ain't gonna get it done. Somewhere in them there playoffs you're gonna have to hang 30, cause the good teams score against ANYBODY.

Again, Lub, seperate the point of needing to run, and allocating resources for a particular runner. Never said ignore the run. Said it was run through the passin game - which it clearly is. Look at the top rushers from this season and see how many were first round picks - cause that's to my point.

Never, ever, ever, will the best offensive teams not be pass first unless the rules change back. It'd be moronic to do otherwise. And by the way, I believe you on passing yards, but the top 6 passer rating QB's are all in the playoffs, and, unlike your rushers, they have by far the greater odds to get to and win the Bowl.

And Green Bay got better as their health got better. You know what opened up their running game? Greg Jennings. (and the rest of the team getting healthier)

And the teams you listed, without the elite QB, ain't gonna win the thing unless Russell and Kappy play at an elite level.

Lastly, congrats on the wedding.
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Re: Browns @ Steelers: Shurmur's Final Fiasco

Unread postby Lubber » Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:48 pm

Pipes, thanks for the congrats

I have always been in agreement with you regarding the value of the QB in the current NFL. I just found it interesting that this year in particular the running backs have come back to life a little bit. In the last 4 years, only 4 of the top 13 running backs each year (5 of top 13 one year) made the playoffs. This year it is 8 of the top 13.

With that being said, i think the teams with the best shot to win it all this year are the Broncos/Patriots/Packers, all teams with the elite QB.
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Re: Browns @ Steelers: Shurmur's Final Fiasco

Unread postby Pabo » Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:49 pm

TouchEmAllTime wrote:Just have a funny feeling that this next coaching/front office overhaul is going to be a train wreck also. I have no reason to believe otherwise until proven differently.

Exactly. People will long for the glory days of Eric Mangini and Pat Shurmur. The next next do-over begins in January, 2015.
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Re: Browns @ Steelers: Shurmur's Final Fiasco

Unread postby Madre Hill, Superstar » Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:51 pm

The only people pining for Shurmur will be the same ones that think Chris Palmer and Bud Carson never got a real shot either.
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