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Now Watching?

Title is self explanatory. Discuss Hollywood, films, TV, and anything else from the entertainment world here.

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Now Watching?

Unread postby peeker643 » Tue May 08, 2012 3:51 pm

You can use this like the book thread for movies.

Beats a new topic each time something comes up.

By the way, watched a really good film that flew under the radar for the most part. Irish film called 'The Guard' that was actually produced (and co-starred) Don Cheadle.

Brendon Gleeseon is excellent as kind fo a goofy Irish cop who plays host to Cheadle's uptight FBI dude visiting to try and intercept a drug deal in Ireland.

It's just goofy enough to keep you chuckling the dialogue (after you adjust to the brogue) is good too.

Not a big budget flick but the writing and acting was good. Especially for a movie I hadn't heard of before seeing it on demand or somewhere.

Also, 'Flame & Cintron' as recommended by CDT and gotribe31 was really good. Far darker and more serious than The Guard though ;-) ;) :wink:
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Re: Now Watching?

Unread postby skatingtripods » Tue May 08, 2012 3:58 pm

Recent movie I saw that was surprisingly good was Water For Elephants. I'm in love with Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz is an incredible actor, and Robert Pattinson was actually pretty damn good. Really enjoyed everything about it even though it wasn't really my kind of movie.

Rented We Bought A Zoo and watched it again. So f'ing good. Also rented The Descendants, which I didn't really like that much.

As for TV, haven't really picked up any new shows lately. Fiancee's been watching Scandal on ABC and insists that I need check out a couple episodes on-demand. I am looking forward to Newsroom, which should come on after True Blood on HBO. Big Jeff Daniels fan and it's an Aaron Sorkin show. Watched an episode of Veep the other day. It didn't suck, but I'm not going to be making the effort to DVR it every week.

Downtime for me as Breakout Kings and Shameless recently finished up their seasons and I'm busy watching Tribe games every night, whether in person or on TV.
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