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Money Where Your Mouth Is

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Re: Money Where Your Mouth Is

Unread postby JCoz » Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:03 pm

peeker643 wrote:Browns-centric of course.

Y'all know the issues and the holes this team has. QB is clearly one of those. And y'all know the importance of that spot.

What I think people should probably admit is the Browns could move up more easily than anyone else to grab whatever pick they want. No one has two 1st round picks as high as Cleveland's as well as the 4th pick of the 2nd round.

There really is no excuse to not get the guy you want. You'd just have to give up the 4th, 22nd-ish and potentially next year's first.

Maybe 4-22-36 and another pick next year.

How high y'all willing to go? Where do you draw the line?

Is 4-22 and next year's 1st rounder worth RGIII or Luck?

First one to include McCoy as part of a deal loses unless you're giving up 4-22 and a high pick next year with McCoy included solely to get him gone.

Gotta have te franchise QB is all I hear. Well, is he out there and worth potentially three 1st round picks? If not, why not?

Ready to answer this question, and I surprised myself.

I would give both this years 1sts plus next seasons first for Andrew Luck.

I stay put if that wont get it done, and I pick RG3, unless someone (WAS) offers a similair package of picks for #4, which I'd think very seriously about taking. I like RG3 a lot, but not enough to say I dont have a pricetag for that pick if he's still there. I do, but that pick wouldn't be cheap.

Ultimately I think people are right when they say NFL Parity is a farce, and that if you dont have the QB you have nothing.Its not going to get easier to be in the position to draft the #1 QB prospect once we are average enough to win 8-10 games. Just going to be tougher.
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Re: Money Where Your Mouth Is

Unread postby LakeErieWarriors » Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:10 pm

"I would give both this years 1sts plus next seasons first for Andrew Luck."

So would I Jcoz. Other QB options are A) Colt McCoy B) Matt Flynn C) RGIII
A: No
B: No. Too much risk. Haven't seen enough of him to truly judge him. Christ, Colt would have a career game with his FIRST start on the Packers team.
C: Maybe. If both these QB's turn out to be busts (they won't) RGIII will do it much more gracefully.
Unfortunately, the Browns will not get all they need if they trade away their 2 firsts this year. However, the way I see it beyond the need for a QB is 1)Offensive Tackle 2)WR 3)LB Will the talent for these positions be there when we get down in the draft? I don't know yet. I think that Luck is it. He is what this franchise needs: Hope.
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