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The Urban Effect (recruiting)

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Re: The Urban Effect (recruiting)

Unread postby e0y2e3 » Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:14 pm

Yeah, I have no dog in the fight. Just saying I kind of trust the guy a bit with recruiting.

I could really care less either way. EOD, Scout gets my money because of Greene. Anything else is whatever.
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Re: The Urban Effect (recruiting)

Unread postby danwismar » Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:32 pm

Nobody in this business can bat 1.000, because kids change their minds, and kids lie to coaches. That's the single biggest reason for the swings and misses.

Greene doesn't get into the "prediction" business...he just talks to kids and their parents and coaches, and gives his opinions. I trust him because he respects kids' privacy and the privacy of their families, and although he's at bottom an OSU fan, he doesn't let it cloud his judgment of kids' abilities, or sour him on kids who go another direction in the end. Plus I like him personally...he's been very gracious and accommodating to me when we've talked a few times and met in person.

Nevadabuck and his "equals" signs are based on info he gets from program sources, which have proven pretty reliable over the years. His predictions reflect what OSU coaches think will happen with a given kid....usually an == sign means an OSU source has told him they have a "silent verbal"....but see above...kids change minds, and kids mislead coaches.

It should be very interesting to see what happens to nevada's reliability in light of all the coaching turnover.

BN has two good recruiting guys in Duane and Kurelic. I've read Duane Long for years and respect his word. The rivalry between the sites is kind of amusing to watch from a distance. You wouldn't really think there was much of a rivalry though, if you watched the Scout guys (BSB writers included)interact with BN guys like Steve Helwagen and Dave Biddle at games and scrimmages and other media opportunities...very collegial and friendly.
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Re: The Urban Effect (recruiting)

Unread postby JCoz » Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:27 pm

danwismar wrote:Greene doesn't get into the "prediction" business

This is why I respect what he brings to the table and generally roll my eyes at what NB brings to the table.

I think I could take the quotes from kids and hit 80% giving my own "='s"....

His shtick is taking inherently shaky and often unreliable information and making concrete predictions. And thats what a LOT of recruiting fans want, they dont want to hear a kid is torn or he likes what OSU is offering, they want somone to tell them that behind the scenes, this is a DONE DEAL. Like stock picking shows.
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