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Morning after...Titans game.

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Morning after...Titans game.

Unread postby JacksonDysonJackson » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:24 am

My notes from yesterday’s “game”:

- Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. That “effort” and performance could have been culled from archived tapes of any of the former regimes. If you ripped the names off the players’ jerseys and blurred their faces, I swear you wouldn’t have been able to if the game was from the Palmer, Butchum, RAC, Mangini, or Heckert / Holgren / Schurmur era. All the old favorites were there – terrible o-line play, a horrendous game plan, the two yard pass into the flats, a QB with happy feet, terrible in-game coaching, getting gashed by big plays on d, the 4 yd crossing route, shitty weather, no pressure on the opposing QB, poor tackling… At least Mangini had us halfway competitive in games.

- I’m starting to have serious reservations about Schurmur. I felt his game plan was terrible. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that, as a defense, all you have to do is stack the box and protect against the run. That sort of D also stops whatever semblance of a passing game we have, since rarely do we air it out beyond 7 yds.

- Minor issue is the grand scheme of things, but I felt Schurmur should have challenged the 4th down play with Armond Smith. It was right before the half, and we still had 3 TOs. I felt it was worth challenging the spot. I was watching the game at a bar, so I couldn’t really tell if he made it…so maybe I’m wrong.

- Speaking of that play…Hey Pat…when you put a guy in who gets like one play a game, the opposing D might have an inkling that he may be involved. Horrible call. The end around, reverse, Cribbs pass thingy was another head scratcher.

- McCoy was a bit more accurate than last week, but jury is still way out on his future. I’m starting to think he’s a very good backup or a starter on a veteran laden team with a solid running game and a strong D. That ain’t us. My biggest gripe with Colt right now is that he rarely hits a guy in stride. A hallmark of the WCO is passing to receivers in space and allowing for YAC. His playing darts right now…he’s not getting the ball to our receivers where they can make something happen.

- A big step back for the defense. The big play killed us. No pressure on Hasselbeck. Sheard was invisible. LBs were a liability (even the defensive player of the month!!!). Adams, Brown and Ward were burnt on a few plays. The only guy that stuck out positively was Haden.

- Usama Young…holy shit dude.
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Re: Morning after...Titans game.

Unread postby noles1 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:36 am

I'm not ledging like many others and yesterday was painful but the coaching point is completely valid.

The situational play-calling was abysmal yet again and our schemes were ill-prepared and our execution even worse.

61 times is simply too much. My head just hurts from it all really. I could breakdown position by position but I'm not gonna waste my time, everyone needs to get markedly better.
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