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An exercise for fun!

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An exercise for fun!

Unread postby furls » Sun Jul 24, 2011 7:24 pm

So there will be plenty of outrage tomorrow when all the national media-types come back to work and assume their positions at their bully-pulpits. Watch as many of these guys as you can and remember these national analysts are supposed to be at least somewhat objective.

-Watch how personally they take the NCAA's findings.
-Watch how little they know of actual enforcement history and rules as they paint OSU with the broad strokes of USC (although the cases are not even close to similar).
-Listen to the outrage in their voices that can only be the product of personal disappointment.
-Watch how far our "media" has fallen as they bury their opinions into the story and present them as facts.
-Watch for as many logical fallacies as you can, and think to yourself... these guys get paid 6 figures to be this fucking stupid. Here is a great list to educate yourself prior to reading their dribble. http://www.theskepticsguide.org/resourc ... acies.aspx

Now list as many of these examples on this thread as you can find. Then when you get done watching this outrage turn on the "regular news" and note that this phenomenon is not limited to sports journalists hacks that could not make it as political journalists. This is today's news. There are many reasons why this type of reporting is acceptable now; lax libel/slander laws, journalistic misconduct, etc. but the majority of the blame lies with the lazy-ass American public that allows others to think for it without presenting facts. We now accept the opinions/analysis of common anchors as though they are experts.

When was the last time Woody Paige or Skip Bayless or Stuart Mandel (not guilty in this case) or Mark May sat on a Committee On Infractions? What makes them qualified to state what they should or should not do? Their positions at "news" agencies? Yet we, as a population, eat up their bullshit like it has some credibility behind it.
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Re: An exercise for fun!

Unread postby dmiles » Mon Jul 25, 2011 9:48 pm

Safe to say the NFL end to the lockout took away today's fun? I didn't catch all the radio shows, but everytime they were promoting what was next there wasn't any OSU talk (national anyway)
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