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Know when to run...

Unread postby Captain Insano » Mon Jan 23, 2006 6:58 pm

I first started playing at PartyPoker back in the day, but like most people who are new to online poker, I thought I was great and should win every hand. When I lost, I blamed the site. I've since got alot more realistic about playing, as well as alot more patient.

A few years ago, I switched to Bodog ( cool site ), but it seemed everytime I got up up a decent amount of money, they would give me a great hand... that would NEVER win! ( How do you lose to a higher fullhouse 3 hands in a row? ) I swear it happened. Oh, and I flopped a Q's over J's boat once and lost to a straight flush... but the bottom line is, that shit happens. No matter what site you're on or where you play. Or, for that matter, how good you are (or how good you think you are.)

Now, I play on PokerStars. I like it alot better. Still feel like I'm getting screwed with the occasional ( or all to frequent bad beat ), but I'm up a nice amount of money since I started and I like the "Turbo" tournaments and the $1-$2 No Limit Live action tables.

I'ts not the hand you win that gets you to the final table, it's the hand you don't lose! :twisted:
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Unread postby comish » Wed Feb 01, 2006 7:38 pm

I like Paradise :D Not as many bad river beats and tons of options!
"Get busy living, or get busy dying."
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Unread postby jdrake10 » Sat Feb 11, 2006 11:07 am

In order of my preference:

Party Poker - $30 single table tournaments only have $800 chips, which I prefer since this takes less time. The Step tournaments are pretty cool, but can be frustrating if you keep staying at the same level. This site was great when you could build up points for hats and sweatshirts but this is more limited now.
Pacific Poker – Weaker graphics but play is nice and quick. You can’t play more than one tournament at a time on this site if you are into that. Big tournaments are nice on this site.
Paradise Poker - $1000 in chips in tournaments makes this slow. Have the most tournament options though and this is the coolest site.
Ultimate Bet – Only played this site a little. This site is supposed to have the most experienced players. The set up is a little confusing and takes some getting used to.

I hear Full Tilt is excellent but have never played it yet. You can build up points for merchandise.

Cash games are pretty much the same anywhere.
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