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Jim Gaffigin in C-Bus

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Jim Gaffigin in C-Bus

Unread postby jb » Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:27 am

Arguably the best stand up comic still living. he's at the OH - IO Theatre on 2 / 27, a Saturday. I'm heading down, encumbered, fo rthe 10 PM show.

Anyone in the area (or not) going? After a pilgrimmage to the last York Steak House standing just to be cheesey, I'm in for some pre-gaming near the theatre. Any recommendations for a decent adult watering hole (not an ear splitting house / techno cover charging bull crap fakkin' club or generic sports bar filled with dooshbags dropping F-bombs) in close, winter walking distace downtown without schlepping past those damn unending parking lots on High to the brewery district?

We need a place that respects the beer. I don't want to hear the words "Blue Moon", "Killians" or "Sam Adams Lager" when I ask what good micro brews they have on tap. :fu:

I guess we could pay the cabbie man, but if there is anywhere downtown on a Saturday you know as a local, hollar. Will probably pay the cabbie man afterwards.And speaking of afterwards, talk to me. Should we do the brwery distric, arena distric, german village or be straight in the short north?

Planning a slighly hung over trip to Thurmans the next day. Even odds we say "F it" and hit the Castle instead , but for now, aspirations run high.
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Re: Jim Gaffigin in C-Bus

Unread postby Bill the Butcher » Tue Jan 12, 2010 4:24 pm

Oh snap. I love me some Gaffigan.

Thanks for posting this, JB. I'll now look into getting tickets to the show.
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Re: Jim Gaffigin in C-Bus

Unread postby Cerebral_DownTime » Wed Jan 13, 2010 12:27 am

Brother's, The Lodge Bar (sometimes has a cover charge when they have live music), and Barley's Smokehouse are all in or near the arena district. They usually all have microbrews, they just change from day to day.

There's a Gordon Biersch down there as well.

This site might help, it has alot of reviews for local bars in a certain area of town.


I'm not much into the local micro brew scene.

Anyone who would pass up Thurman's for White Hassle is outta their friggin head.

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