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Conrad on US Soccer

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Conrad on US Soccer

Unread postby Cease » Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:22 pm

Interesting piece by Jimmy Conrad from ESPN/Soccernet, worth a read...


I'm in agreement that US Soccer could thrive without the structure of traditional US sports ie- player drafts, conferences, and playoff formats. Conrad asserts that going to an EPL style 2 X 10 team table system complete with regulation is a step in that direction.

The ideas as presented are half-baked, but he's dead nuts that the system here needs something to boost interest. Not playing by the rules could help. The danger is the MLS standing pat between NHL and Major League LaCrosse on the US athletes' (and fans') radar. What is there to lose? Fans aren't walking away at this point, and I think the owners/towns that are really passionate about soccer could build their teams and fan bases from the ground up.
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Re: Conrad on US Soccer

Unread postby Spin » Tue Dec 29, 2009 7:56 pm

I've always been interested in the promotion/relegation system, and wanted to have the same thing here.

The MLS just needs to create their own Division 2 and maybe even Division 3 and put the trash heap called USL out of it's misery. There are franchises it can adopt to make it work.

Imagine the Cleveland Indians being relegated to AAA, and replaced by Louisville. The threat of that happening would light a fire under some asses to get their low payroll-but-highly profitable franchises competitive...

We really need someone who knows what they're doing to guide pro soccer in the US.

As for the draft, whatever happened to the idea of the "territorial draft"? It worked for leagues in the past. Look at the talent base we have coming up through the various levels, and playing college here. Why should we be watching them go to Seattle and everywhere else?

Different ideas compared to the other sports, but we see where copying the other sports has gotten us.
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