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President in '08?

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Unread postby Dozen » Tue Dec 18, 2007 10:52 pm

Erie Warrior wrote:
Skating Tripods wrote:The same Al Gore who invented the internet? He's a farce. He just wanted to save himself from going into obscurity so he figured he would take the global warming position because it hasn't been taken yet.

The planet has gone through far worse than what we're putting it through. Ice ages, movement of tectonic plates, so on and so forth. Some greenhouse gases are not the biggest problem facing the world. And even so, Al Gore is informed on global warming. Big deal. Maybe if he wanted to talk about something relevant to the betterment of this COUNTRY, then maybe I would listen to him. But telling me that "The planet has a fever" isn't exactly my idea of someone who should hold the highest office in the world.

Actually Gore's been pimpin' global warming for nearly 2 decades

One of the consequences of global warming is ice ages. Alaska and England are on similiar lines of latitude, so why the difference in climate? A little thing called the Ocean Conveyor. Pray that it doesn't stop moving in your lifetime.

Do not make the mistake of thinking of plate tectonics in the past tense. The ground is moving under you right now, at a very slow rate.

Guess how many people in this country live within 50 miles of a coast? Answer: nearly half. Rising sea levels will be a major problem for THIS COUNTRY.

Every other industralized nation in the world acknowledges and has pledged to try and curb global warming (see Kyoto Protocol). Perhaps a person who understands global responsibility should have the highest office in the world.

Whether you hate him or love him, Mutt's "bukkaked with stupid" is a contender for post of the year. I don't necessarily agree with his delivery, but the humor is quality.

And he still had time to develop the internet? :lol:


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Unread postby Cerebral_DownTime » Wed Dec 19, 2007 3:11 am

Gore will never live that down and its sad because he is a smart man. He has made mistakes that baffle me like not contesting the 2000 election results in which he won but no-one can tell me we would be stuck in this stupid war, have a record deficit, and the most corrupt justice department if he was president. Anyone who supports Bush at this point is like a dumb girl giving blow jobs behind the Tilt A Whirl at the county fair (Patton Oswalt joke). Why couldnt Bush get hit by a bus in 1999? Everytime i go anywhere i see "support the troops" on every car bumper but what are these flag-suckers doing to help the troops? My brother has been in Iraq since 04 he choose to go back twice not for the president or any of the BS he espouses he went back to be with the brothers he met while in combat. I asked him over the fall what he and his fellow soldiers thought of Bush and his war he told me "its never going to end we are stuck here untill either we all die or they all die". This is a 23 year old kid going on 45 he has seen things he wouldnt wish on his worst enemy. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the rest of the scumbag cocksuckers who got us into this garbae should be shot. I know its a radical thing to suggest the death of the president but if this moron met the sharp end of a snipers bullet i would laugh.. (Im in a vile mood)
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