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No Holds Barred

Reno Air Races / No bump drafting @ 5,000 ft

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Reno Air Races / No bump drafting @ 5,000 ft

Unread postby SteveR » Sat Sep 15, 2007 12:46 am

Racing among the sports community is not a real sport..I can understand that..I'm not sure what racing is.
Back in the old days .well when I was young ,the the indy 500 was a big deal..
Andretti ,Unser .Granatelli,STP.valvoline..
Names & brands that defined racing and defined speed..Danger
Not so much anymore after 1973 when Indy was a virtual slaughter house for racers pushing the envelope and qualifying near 200..2 died 1 injured and a alltime highlight start.(along with a troubeling scene of swede savage t boning a retaining wall at the pit entrance)
Dale Sr. dies in 2000 at daytona
Changes were made..
SAFER Barriers , HANS devices..COT in NASCAR...etc..Has resulted in great racing & great longevity among the racers..and I'm all for it ..
I'm sure Hydroplane Boat races have similar devices..After all no one wants a repeat of Indy 73..
Well today ..in Reno ..Aviation may have had its indy.73
At the 44th Reno Air races ..
I'm sure airplane racing ain't on most folks radar..I don't think anyone knows how it works when you have a 3 1/2 mile oval in the sky .
But we had 3 Fatalities this week and we haven't even reached the finals the gold cup races....
it 's like ..I do'nt know what its like ..its unreal
But its racing..

A 5 time F1 champion ,Gary Hubler died this morning..after clipping the tail with his prop of a racer who took a low line around the first pylon

Inverted into the ground....dead
My friend ,Neighbor ,Colleauge,Aviator ..gone..

Tony Stewart spins out & gets pissed..

No safer barrier no hans device..just flying around in a cassuit an airplane that goes 260 mph.
Formula 1 air racing's not a big money sport..
All the money & headlines go to the unlimiteds..the Warbirds...Rare Bear & Dago Red..or the jets....

But still dedication & care ..pride..go into all of racing ..
It wasn't Just Gary who died today...

I'm violating my own rules by posting while drunking..
I'm sorry..

is racing sports ..I don't know
I know competition is competion

But it seems airplane racing has nowhere to go

Aviation is tough biz even under normal circumstnces..then we go and race!
I build that motherfuckers engine and he has the nerve to take somones tail off...

I don't know

Rich & all don't think anything about this This ain't no post ,this aint no post for anyone to comment on ..this is is a post for me as a cathartic reaction..and i want the best folks in sports who i repect to see it

My wife & I are just devastated & I'm just trying to cope
Maybe the browns will make feel better.. lol!
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Unread postby The Tribe Zone » Fri Oct 12, 2007 11:48 pm

Hey Steve.....sorry about your loss.....sincerely. I hope you don't mind I did comment on it.

I grew up around planes, my dad being in charge of maintenance for a major airline.

Having certification, he would often work on the side at some of the smaller airports in the area...and he flew.

At 13 I was working as a lineboy at a small airport he often would do work for. For a kid, it was cool, I was helping dad do repairs, I could do oil changes, tires, fuel the aircraft that came in, and so on.

They paid me in flying lessons. I couldn't solo because you had to be 16, and eventually had so many hours in, it got to a point where the instructor would sit in the office, tell me to get one ready, bring it around, and I literally got to fly where ever I wished to...while he sat and caught up on paperwork, and sometimes slept.....lol (One of the coolest guys I knew)

Man, there's nothing like flying. You truly are on top of the world.

When you get your feet on the ground, everything seemed....slower, limited.......boring!

And this from the thrills of a simple Cessna 150 or 172.....lol But I did have some pretty big adventures....

I couldn't image having control of a high performance plane....that has got to be a helluva rush!

Sounds like your buddy was a helluva competitor.....I'll salute him!

And competition has to be a sport. Thats what makes it fun.

Take care.
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