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A family in need of help....a sad story

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A family in need of help....a sad story

Unread postby consigliere » Wed Jun 20, 2007 10:38 am

I usually do not forward this type of stuff, but this is a neighbor of ours who lives a few houses down from us. If you have a moment, please take the time to read this. This is a very sad, very true story. Their house is for sale - for reasons that are obvious when you read this.

She is very sick and is terminal with cervical cancer. Their two kids, 3 and 5, have had major surgeries and the husband a stroke. All this for a family in their 30s.

She is very sick and they are trying to get further treatment for her and are attempting to get funds.

Posting this to this message board was the least I could do to maybe find one donor for them. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated, and please pass this on to anyone you feel may be interested who can help.


A Pledge For The Gift Of Life.

Dear Family, Relatives, Friends and All Generous Individuals who receive this letter.

This is a pledge for contributions from all who would like to become involved towards a totally combined fund-raising effort to offer my seriously ill daughter Jennifer, a chance to survive an ongoing fight against cervical cancer.

Jennifer Jankovich-Fodor is 31 years old and is married to Gerald Fodor (Jerry) and they have two wonderful children. Madeline is five years old and their son Julian is nearly three.

(Jennifer is my daughter and I am the son of Mafalda (nee Albertini) and Michael C. Jankovich).

To make a more visible picture for those who don’t know a lot about Jennifer and her family, I will add some other concerns that this family has suffered.

Shortly after daughter Madeline’s 2nd birthday, she was diagnosed with a major heart defect of the Aorta. Her Aorta was growing on the wrong side of her heart and was growing against her lung. It was a problem that would have caused her to die. She was only 2 years old and had major open-heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic to save Madeline’s life. Needless to say, everyone was extremely distressed and worried during this entire time. Madeline survived and is doing well because of the surgery and the grace of God.

Not long after Madeline’s surgical operation, came their son Julian.

In July 2004, Julian was born with a lung defect that prevented his lungs from getting oxygen and circulation of oxygen in his blood to his body. Julian, at birth needed “intensive care” and was put on a ventilator. He was unable to breath on his own. He was on special treatment and medications for 10 grueling days in the hospital. There were no guarantees that he would survive the complications, as Julian was given a very small (15%) chance to live. Julian amazingly survived and is now healthy.

Then there’s husband Jerry. Just about a year ago, (Feb 2006) after the trauma with the two children and the stress put on the family, Jerry had a stroke. Jerry was also hospitalized, went through treatment and has since recovered from this serious problem.

All of these serious problems preceded what we have in front of us now with Jennifer’s condition and her fight with cancer.

Jennifer Jankovich-Fodor was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer on January 22, 2007. She had a radical hysterectomy Feb 9th, 2007. Shortly after, within 2 weeks, she had excessive pain in her left abdomen area which she reported to her doctors immediately. The doctor assumed she was suffering from normal surgery affects. Immediately after that assumption, she started on the recommended treatment required by her doctors and continued on with the chemo therapy and intense radiation treatments. She had over 35 radiation applications and more then 5 weeks of chemo treatment.

The process of chemo and radiation was finished but her pain worsened. Through her persistence to her doctor, a biopsy was performed and revealed a growth which was diagnosed as a cyst. On June 5th, her doctor found it necessary to do another major surgery in her pelvis and abdominal area to remove the cyst. While in surgery to remove which was thought to be a cyst, the doctors to their dismay found a cancerous tumor. To complicate this severe situation even more, the tumor had attached itself to a major artery known as the femoral artery to her left leg and had also grown and attached itself to muscle within her left abdominal area. This was a total and traumatic shock to Jennifer and to all of us.

After consulting with the doctors involved at University Hospital of Cleveland, Ohio, we were told by them to explore any other options or treatment available.

In our pursuit of curing this problem with other cancer treatment options and experimental processes, the overall opinions by doctors were nearly all alike and they have not offered any other promise over what we have already been told repeatedly by numerous health care professionals - except for one.

After careful research, the Gerson Institute of California, was the most promising. The results of that research quickly separated the Gerson Institue from all other treatment centers we considered. After further extensive research and validation through thousands and thousands of cases, we are totally convinced by the research and we must have Jennifer treated there.

The Gerson Institute in California, is the only cancer treatment facility to offer specific treatment methods with results to cure advanced cancer patients.

What is needed - is significant financial help above and beyond what has already been spent, as our funds and resources are now depleted. (It is not covered by Jennifer and Jerry’s Insurance carrier)

We are pleading for financial support through your generosity to help us receive medical treatment for Jennifer’s cancer through the Gerson Institute. I have personally conversed with Charlotte Gerson (President at The Institute) at length and after reviewing her records they are extremely confident that my daughter Jennifer will be greatly helped by the institute. Time is of the essence and we need to get Jennifer there as rapidly as possible.

This opportunity for Jennifer to go to the Gerson Institute will have her in the best of care and she will be treated there in the medical facility for three weeks. The Medical Center is expecting Jennifer to arrive on July 1st to begin treatment. Again, time is of the essence.

This would truly be “The Gift of Life” from those who will now help fund Jennifer, so she is able to receive cancer treatment recommended through the Gerson Institute.

We humbly ask for any monetary donation from anyone willing to help Jennifer, Jerry and their two children get through this serious illness.

Contributions may be made directly to the Michael G. Jankovich or/ Jennifer Jankovich-Fodor account at any Charter One Bank in Ohio. Contributions outside the State of Ohio may be made at Citizens Financial Bank. (not Citi Bank). Have the bank call the Charter One Branch in Mentor, Ohio at phone number (440) 255-9777 to send your donation. (Your bank may have the capacity to do electronic transfers as well. Please check with your banking institution.)

For those who would like to send a donation through United States Mail, please send to Mike Jankovich, P.O. Box 302. Mentor, Ohio 44061. Make Payable to: Michael G. Jankovich.

Please forward this email to others you know, who may wish to contribute also.

We are thanking you in advance and offer the most sincere and grateful appreciation.

God Bless Everyone.


Mike Jankovich
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Unread postby Dozen » Sun Jun 24, 2007 9:37 pm

These types of situations are just gut wrenching. My prayers to the entire family, I can never understand how a country as rich as ours continues to turn their back on our OWN citizens day in and day out but yet funds billions upon billions to other poor countries to look "Humane" in the worlds eyes.

T, could you organize some kind of benifit? If you could get as many people who came to your draft party to turn out we could make a difference to help them out. I would be willing to help in anyway that I could.


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Unread postby consigliere » Tue Jun 26, 2007 12:53 am

Thanks. We actually took up a neighborhood collection and have som fund raiser stuff in mind. The family is already on their way to California to get the treatment! We made a website:

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