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4:20 Hurrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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Re: 4:20 Hurrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Unread postby e0y2e3 » Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:06 pm

e0y2e3 wrote:You can't just jump into Community to be honest so don't waste your time.

The emotional aspect (which is so weird to write) is so big for the show you have to develop your understanding of the characters in the same manor that show does.

And it's a meta humor show to be honest. Some people just don't do pure meta humor and pop-culture critique.

I can understand not liking it (and P & R is "funnier) but Community is effing art. They completely change the make up of the show almost weekly and are the only show ever brave enough to do a Dinner With Andre spoof camoflouged as a Pulp Fiction spoof as an entire episode.

The sheer brilliance behind what Harmon and his staff do cannot be stated enough. It makes me want to stand above the hills and bellow out "YOU FUCKERS ARE GENIUS"

So alas, you still leave me :-(



There really is no way to explain how genius the writers are. Not even a fucking word.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to drink a PBR and beat a women in honor of Jerry.
“Irony is wasted on the stupid” - Oscar Wilde
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Re: 4:20 Hurrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Unread postby Fire Marshall Bill » Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:10 am

Dear God up in Heaven please send back The Son

Hungry Howie's ?? [See: Vomiting, project

Only if you like your bread fried in grease...JFC its the worst of the worst

Quit talking about Italian food and what ya'll think is 'good'....yir makin the Dago's here sick to their stomachs
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Re: 4:20 Hurrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Unread postby motherscratcher » Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:35 am


Mainstream professional sports leagues forbid their players from smoking weed, which is a good thing, because physically fit stoners are particularly dangerous. You know how people who smoke weed are always trying to rob and murder you? Athlete stoners could actually catch up to you and use their bongstrength to tear your limbs asunder on account of they are crazy.
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