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Dennis Miller Latest HBO Special

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Dennis Miller Latest HBO Special

Unread postby swerb » Sat Apr 15, 2006 3:36 pm

Called "All-In". Hysterical.

I know alot of people don't like Dennis Miller, hes always been on of my favorites.

Couple gems ...

~On France outlawing vending machines in schools: They're trying to
raise healthier cowards. France finally takes a fucking stand, and its
against Little Debbie.

~If there's any hotel staff in the crowd, could you please make the
clasp on the jellybean container in my mini-bar a little tougher to
operate? This things harder to get off than Martha Stewart on a set of
dirty sheets.

~On drilling in Alaska: I'm sorry, I don't give a shit about Alaska.
No one goes to Alaska but pipeline workers looking to dodge sempinas.
Alaskas cold, its off to the side ... it's that fridge in the garage.
It's time to raid that son of a bitch to get some Genos pizza rolls to
feed the family.

~On Bill & Hillary Clinton: That marriage couldn't be more about
convenience if they installed a slim jim rack and a slurpie machine at
the end of the bed.

~On California: We're losing jobs like a kids party clown with
Tourette's Syndrome. And you female teachers - stop fucking the
students. When I was 14, my teachers didn't even let me bang the

~The deficit: Do we actually owe someone this money? And if we do, fuck em, don't pay em. I asked my kid if he minded if I saddled his
generation with the deficit. He said "shit no dad, I'm gonna saddle my
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