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The Departed---Finally saw it

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The Departed---Finally saw it

Unread postby mrburns » Sat Nov 17, 2007 4:07 am

I'm sure there's been discussion about this previously, but I finished watching The Departed a few minutes ago, and came away extremely impressed, and need to get my thoughts down about it.

Simply put, I was blown away.

I asked one of my friends if it was better than Goodfellas prior to watching it, and he said that you can't really compare the two because although they're both gangster movies, they're incredibly different. After seeing the film, I think that's a fair assessment.

The suspense level that was created and maintained was simply incredible. Pretty much from the scene where Nicholson/DiCaprio/Damon are in the movie theater to the very end, I couldn't relax.

I used to passionately hate DiCaprio, mostly because of Titanic and that goofy Romeo and Juliet, but ever since The Aviator, my opinion of the guy has done a total 180. DiCaprio's character was definitely the most crucial to the success of the movie, and he fucking nailed it. You could feel his intense fear and anxiety, especially because he escaped by the skin of his teeth time and time again.

Damon was good, maybe not great. It was strange to see him as a villain after Good Will Hunting and the Bourne movies.

Nicholson is Nicholson, and he does a great job keep his character both flippant and menacing all at once.

Wahlberg is starting to win me over. I wasn't a huge fan of his in movies like Shooter and the Italian Job, but I thought he was great in Invincible. He's best when his roles are a fairly simple, of the people-type tough guys, and he was well-cast here.

Really solid supporting roles by Baldwin and Sheen. Baldwin/Wahlberg's dialogue when they're briefing the cops was hilarious.

The girl (don't know her) was fine. I kept wavering back and forth on whether or not she was either really hot or a little too old...

The music won me over early with "Shipping up to Boston" by one of my favorite bands, Dropkick Murphys. I'm going to have the Rolling Stones' "Just a Shot Away" in my head for at least a week.

When everything got messed up at the end, I just kept saying, "it can't end this way, can it?"

I yelled "fuck yeah!" when Wahlberg showed up in that final scene, great ending (and I'd heard mixed reviews on the ending from several people).

Personally, I might put it ahead of Goodfellas, but like I said before, comparing the two is probably unfair. They're both incredible work from Scorsese absolutely at the top of his game.

There wasn't a scene in Departed that I liked as much as the montage in Goodfellas when Deniro is killing everyone and the piano from "Layla" is playing, but that's probably one of my all-time favorite scenes.

Overall, just a tremendous flick that met and exceeded some pretty high expectations that I took into it. I haven't been this floored by a movie in a long time.
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Unread postby swerb » Sat Nov 17, 2007 10:00 am

Nick, I agree. These were my thoughts just after seeing it.

http://www.theclevelandfan.com/boards/v ... php?t=1424

Wow, what a movie. Brilliance by Scorcese. One of his best efforts ever. And one of the best 30-40 movies I've seen in my life. I need a couple days to let the film sink in to properly place it in my Top 150, but it will be up there.

I was told going into this not to expect Goodfellas, and that was good advice. I think if you did go into this movie expecting to see that type of gangster movie, heavy on underworld dealings, pinstripe suits, offers you cant refuse, and brown paper bags full of cash ... I guess I could see how you would not see this film as eilte.

But what a great plot line. A squeaky clean cop who rockets to the top of the force, yet is secretly crooked. And an undercover agent, deeply entrenched in the Boston mob underworld. Both being pupeteered by Jack Nicholson, in a brilliant role as "the boss".

The acting in this film was as collectively good as any movie I can remember seeing in a long, long time.

Hands down, Leonardo DiCaprio is the best actor on the planet under 40 years of age right now. There are few better. The roles he takes. The dominant performances he consistently delivers. He's excellent. The best in the biz right now for my money. His role was nothing short of amazing, and it's a crime that he did not get nominated for an Oscar for this role. His performance in this film has you wrapped up in his character. Phenomenal.

Nicholson is predictably brilliant, showing he still has it, now in his 70's. The wild Nicholson eyes, disheveled hair, and mangy goatee complemented this role perfectly.

Mark Wahlberg was awesome as Sgt Dignam in a supporting role. Matt Damon delivered his best performance since Good Will Hunting, and was perfectly suited for his key role in this film. I've never been a big Matt Damon fan, but he was good in this one. And Alec Baldwin was superb as well as the wisecracking police captain. He pulled the role off perfectly. Even Martin Sheen turned in a solid performance as Wahlbergs boss.

This movie was casted absolutely perfectly in my view. In hindsight, the actors chosen for the various roles ... its hard to pick more perfectly suited actors for each of them.

And the leading gal ... Vera Farmiga. Very hot in this movie, a seriously sexy quality. I thought her look was perfect for her role, and I was impressed with her acting performance. I don't remember seeing her in anything else, and this could be a coming out party for her.

As someone who's never been to Boston, but really wants to get there to visit, maybe I'm not the best person to comment on the scenery and accents, but I thought they both were portrayed brilliantly in this film as well. To me, often times when actors are trying to do Bahstan accents, they overdo it. ALL the actors involved pulled it off well.

The musical score was great as well. "Just a Shot Away" by the Stones is one of my all time favorite rock songs, and interspliced with the Irish bagpipe heavy music throughout the film, it helped provide the right mood and backdrop.

I was on the edge of my seat, literally, for the last 45 minutes of this one. The film had me secretly begging to see the Damon and DiCaprio characters finally meet, and I like how that doesn't happen on several occasions you think it will ... despite how tied together the two characters are.

Man, this was a good one. And I had no problems with the ending, which made me shout out loud enough to wake my wife and son up. On two different occassions!

It's films like this that remind me that really, there's few things better in life than saddling up in front of the big screen for a great movie.
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Unread postby Cerebral_DownTime » Sun Nov 18, 2007 5:46 pm

" Feds are like mushrooms feed them shit and keep them in the dark" hah thats fucking classsic. I couldnt agree more with your guys' assesment of this film it was a classic and finally Marty won his Oscar.
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