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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

Unread postby Mr. MacPhisto » Fri Nov 09, 2007 4:18 pm

Picked this up on Tuesday night for the Wii. It's minigame focused, allowing you to compete in many different Summer Olympic sports from track & field to swimming to fencing to ping pong.

You can play as almost any major character out of the Sonic or Mario universe. Who would've thought that Mario and Sonic would ever be starring in a game together?

The game is a ton of fund and can be a workout. One of the wonderful things about the Wii, at least for me, is that not only am I moving my arms when playing the games, I also tend to move my body around. My heart rate got up when playing fencing or doing the 110m hurdles, etc. Even the rowing event can get the ticker pounding.

Another great game for the Wii that can be enjoyed alone but that is tons of fun with friends and family. Mario Party 8 has also been tons of fun along with Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. The Wii versions of Madden are also great with the motion controls making it better than any other version IMHO.

I've already got the big game that's coming out next week ordered: Super Mario Galaxy. It's already getting stellar reviews. An Italian mag gave it 11/10. IGN gave is 9.7/10. It looks gorgeous and the gravity changes from orb to orb look fantastic. Can't wait to play that.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl comes early next year along with Wii Fit and the Wii Mario Kart game. Looks like the Wii is going to continue to eat the PS3 and Xbox 360 alive.

You still can't find the console in stores. It passed the Xbox 360 in sales two months ago despite the Xbox having a one year head start. It's great news because it's pushing more good developers towards Nintendo. Profits are higher on the Wii games because they are cheaper to develop.

It's gonna be a fun year. I'd lost interest in console gaming (and gaming in general) until I picked up the Wii. Now I'm enjoying playing the games with friends and family (with a few exceptions, like Metroid Prime 3 - awesome game) and actually being very active while playing them.
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