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A new interview with Corbin Bernsen

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A new interview with Corbin Bernsen

Unread postby mdpeter » Tue Nov 02, 2010 5:29 pm


10 QUESTIONS with....Actor/Director Corbin Bernsen

1. A few words about your latest projects:
Most of the films are now either faith-based or meant for family audiences. There is a need for these kinds of films that expose the “better part” of a man. “Rust” was the first movie for me in this new direction and is now in release via Sony Home Entertainment. “25 Hill” is the second film and should be fully edited by the end of the year. A final film in a trilogy of films on the subject matter is called “Barlowe Mann.” That will be shooting next March in Canada and done in a similar way to “Rust” by bringing a small community together to make the film.

2. As a Producer/Director, what has attracted you to the recent films you’ve made?
On all levels I’ve been attracted to the need for inspirational films. Films have always, to some degree, been a form of escapism. Right now the world is upside down; Economically,Morally and Politically. We need films that demonstrate the better part of our beings.

3. What motivated you to get involved with “25 Hill” and the All-American Soap Box Derby?
I read an article about how the Derby was on the brink of extinction. It occurred to me that this fantastic American tradition is only 75 years and we are way too young to be abandoning what few traditions are truly ours. Also the values that are associated with the Derby, bringing family and communities together, are what I believe to be mandatory to right all that is wrong with today’s society. They won’t solve the problems but can certainly help us get on the road to solutions.

4. How difficult is it to balance your directing and producing responsibilities with the demands of your role on “Psych?”
I love multi-tasking, so balancing all the responsibilities is somewhat of a great challenge that I fully enjoy. It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle; lots of pieces but so gratifying when it’s done!

5. Describe your experience of filming in Ohio and would you be interested in shooting here again?
Shooting in Ohio and Akron specifically has been fantastic. The generosity of the people, the town, the neighborhoods has not only made this film possible, but given it a feeling that I so badly wanted where the idea of community plays a major role. The crews too and the film commission have been extraordinary in their making this project happen. Yes, I’d shoot here again in a heartbeat and in fact have several films in mind. Anyone want to finance them? You know where to find me!

6. While filming “25 Hill” in Akron were you bombarded with “Dorn” comments or quotes from “Major League?”
I always get Dorn stuff wherever I go because “Major League” was such a success for those who like that kind of film. I’ve heard about every reading possible for most of Dorn’s lines, so nothing really catches me off guard anymore. But, yes, lots of Dorn “sightings.” Didn’t help that I took in a few Indians games and threw out the first pitch at one – wearing a Dorn jersey. Long live the Tribe!

7. Are you surprised at the continued appeal of the horror film “The Dentist?”
Actually I’m not surprised by the ongoing appeal of “the Dentist.” People hate the dentist; what a perfect villain for a horror film. Stay tuned, I have more on the horizon for that one.

8. What role did the Ohio Film Office and Greater Cleveland Film Commission play in helping you bring “25 Hill” to Akron?
Both didn’t play a role in getting me to come to Ohio. That was my choice for the beginning and actually had to happen as the film takes place at the Soap Box Derby and that is Akron. They did however make it more viable to actually do the film at our budget and, therefore, you could say they helped make it happen.

9. As a father and a husband, in what ways does your family influence the projects you choose? It must be attractive to work on projects close to home.
To be honest, while I have my family and children in mind, I’m more concerned about the state of the world and the life they are going to inherit, but I don’t do what I do just for them. I’m concerned for all of us – for our legacy, for our ability to keep this planet going. We have such an incredible gift that we have been given, this journey of life…here on Earth – a dominion of wonder and awe. I want to do whatever I can to make sure we preserve it and pass it on to the future as God intended it, in all its glory.

10. Can you lend any credence to the rumors of another "Major League" sequel?
I have definitely heard they are planning and have scripted another “Major League” but not included Dorn in the story! End of story! Write the folks at Morgan Creek if this is as odd to you as it is to me. Oh well.. there’s always my zombie baseball movie I’m developing…”3 Strikes and You’re Dead!”
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Re: A new interview with Corbin Bernsen

Unread postby leadpipe » Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:24 pm

Thank God.

I'd been going over the previous Corbin Bersen interviews ad nauseum. Finally something fesh.
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Re: A new interview with Corbin Bernsen

Unread postby jb » Fri Nov 05, 2010 12:33 pm

the straight to home video flick happened because I demanded more from my local film industry.
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