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American Idol

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American Idol

Unread postby consigliere » Thu Mar 22, 2007 12:03 pm

Ok, admit it, some of you out there watch this show. I have actually grown to appreciate the show somewhat, as initially I used to watch it as "wife time" a few seasons back, but now actually can bear it after all the stupid auditions are done. Of all the "talent" reality shows on TV, I still like it the best.

That said, after the past two seasons had some people I gravitated to quickly (Daughtry, Bice, Marulis, McPhee, and Underwood)....I am having a hard time with it this year. The closest person I have to a fav is the beat-boxer Blake. That dude is freaking talented.

While many were shocked that Stephanie was sent home last night, I wasn't really. She is a great singer and all, but I saw a serious lack of charisma and stage presence from her, and after she performed on Tues I turned to the wife and said "I have absolutely no connection with her" and obviously America agreed. The contest is not all about who the best singer is, it is also about creating a connection with the fans whether it be your personality, singing ability, ditziness (Pickler), or whatever.

And, is anyone really surprised Sinjaya (sp) is still around? Every year the teenage vote keeps people around like him longer than they should. Look at Chicken Little Kevin from last year, and others from previous years. Sinjaya will be around a few more weeks.

Right now, my final four is Blake, Melissa Doolittle, Jordan Sparks, and Lakesha...with Blake and either Jordan/Melissa meeting in the finals. I want Blake to win, but feel it will be one of Jordan/Melissa. Jordan is the complete package to me, and I think Melissa may get annoying down the road and pigeon-hole herself to the same style of song everyweek (I haven't seen any versatility with her....whereas Jordan has done many different things, and Blake shows an incredible ability to modernize everything).
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Unread postby Guest » Thu Mar 22, 2007 1:46 pm

I have always watched it since Season 1

This years is garbage. Blake is my favorite also
Sanjaya blows and has no business on the show. He looks like a girl.
Melissa Dolittle is damn good but I would never buy a CD of hers and anyone them for that matter. Maybe Blake's.

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