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Dark Water

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Dark Water

Unread postby swerb » Mon Feb 12, 2007 9:11 am

Bottom line, I'm seeing anything with Jen Connelly, Scarlett Johannson, or Ashley Judd in it.

So there comes the time where I've gotta take one for the team and watch a movie I'm pretty sure is going to suck going into it. The Black Dahlia, and now Dark Water are the two most recent examples of this.

The movie has been languishing low on my Netflix queue for some time last night, so when I saw it was on Encore-Latino, or one of the 45 movie channels I pay through the nose for but never watch ... I jumped at the opportunity to get this over with, watch the flick, and de-queue it.

Again, going in, I tried to manufacture some enthusiasm. Love Jen Connelly. Gorgeous, and a great actress. The most underrated actress in Hollywood IMO. Amazing performances in A Beuatiful Mind, House of Sand & Fog, and Requiem For A Dream.

And this was a remake of a Japanese horror film, done my a pretty successful director over there.

Connelly was great, as usual, and almost saved this film ... which actually wasn't as bad as a I thought it would be. Connelly is newly separated from her husband and they're bitterly fighting over their young daughter. JC and her daughter move into an old apartment building to start a new life, but she quickly runs into a couple of major problems: the giant leak in her apartment and the sudden appearance of an invisible friend for her daughter.

In the end, the films plot holes, and the fact that it wasn't scary or suspenseful at all ... despite desperately trying to be, dooms it.

I rated it a 5/10 on IMDB, and would give it 2 footballs on the Cyrusometer, almost solely off another brilliant effort by Jen Connelly.
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