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Unread postby swerb » Sat Jan 27, 2007 1:43 am

Been making a point lately to go back and rewatch some of the great films of the last 20 years, several of which I either hadn't seen for years, or maybe saw just once right when it came out.

Alien, Schindlers List, Gladiator, Glory are some of the ones I've seen recently. Watched Unforgiven again tonight, for the first time since seeing it once when it first was released in 1992.

I'm no fan of Westerns, but this is an incredible movie. A great story that really has you wrapped up in it for the last hour of the film. Clint Eastwood's best performance ever in my view, as he plays former gunslinger William Munny, who comes out of retirement for one more job. And Gene Hackman was perfectly cast as the villanous sheriff of the town where Munny's job ends up taking place.

I love movies where a strong character undergoes a powerful and radical transformation during the film, and it's pulled off as believable. Two roles that immediately come to mind are Michael Corelone in the first Godfather and DeNiro's character in The Taxi Driver. In Unforgiven, we see Eastwood's character pull this off as well.

One of those movies, if you've never seen it, or it's been while, and you like to watch movies ... rent it and its impossible to be disappointed. It may seem a little slow at first, but it bubbles over to a phenomenal ending.

Great flick ...
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