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Top Pound For Pound Rankings

Unread postby swerb » Sun Feb 12, 2006 1:42 pm


http://boxing.about.com/cs/rankingscham ... _fifty.htm

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (140)
2. Ronald "Winky" Wright (160)
3. Marco Antonio Barrera (130)
4. Manny Pacquiao (130)
5. Juan Manuel Marquez (126)
6. Ricky Hatton (140)
7. Jose Luis Castillo (135)
8. Jermain Taylor (160)
9. Antonio Margarito (147)
10. Erik Morales (130)
11. Antonio Tarver (175)
12. Oscar De La Hoya (147)
13. Rafael Marquez (118)
14. Bernard Hopkins (160)
15. Diego Corrales (135)
16. Zab Judah (147)
17. Kostya Tszyu (140) *RETIRED???*
18. Joe Calzaghe (168)
19. Jeff Lacy (168)
20. James Toney (heavy)
21. Shane Mosley (147)
22. Miguel Cotto (140)
23. Glengoffe Johnson (175)
24. Jesus Chavez (135)
25. Roy Jones Jr. (175)
26. Arturo Gatti (140)
27. Cory Spinks (147)
28. Pongsaklek Wonjongkam (112)
29. Ricardo Mayorga (154)
30. Fernando Vargas (154)
31. Acelino Freitas (135)
32. Martin Castillo (115)
33. Ivan Calderon (105)
34. Israel Vazquez (122)
35. Oscar Larios (122)
36. Joel Casamayor (135)
37. Zahir Raheem (135)
38. Jorge Arce (112)
39. Fernando Montiel (115)
40. Roman Karmazin (154)
41. O'Neil Bell (200)
42. Chris Byrd (heavy)
43. Joan Guzman (126)
44. Vernon Forrest (154)
45. Carlos Baldomir (147)
46. Brian Viloria (108)
47. Yukata Niida (105)
48. Kassim Ouma (154)
49. Lorenzo Parra (112)
50. Ike Quartey (154)

Closing in on Top Fifty: Scott Harrison (126), Zsolt Erdei (175), Juan Diaz (135), Roberto Vazquez (108), Vic Darchinyan (112), Rocky Juarez (126), Jose Navarro (115).

Dropping off the list in recent months: Jean Marc Mormeck (200), Will Grigsby (108), Vitali Klitschko (heavy), Felix Trinidad (160), Daniel Santos (154), Vivian Harris (140), Rosendo Alvarez (112).


http://www.saddoboxing.com/2703-boxing- ... -list.html

1: “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather.

Little Floyd has done a lot & the people have spoken. Floyd bumps Wright for the #1 spot. Still running on an undefeated record of 35 wins with 24 knokckouts & always besting the competition, Floyd has steadily moved up through the weights succesfully & fairly easily. Can he hold on to it though? We shall see. A much desired showdown with Ricky Hatton or Miquel Cotto would answer many questions & a career defining win against any of the top 10 Welters or Light Welters would solidify Mayweather as the man to beat.

2: Ronald “Winky” Wright.

Let’s face it…Wright has worked hard to get to where he is & being in the #2 spot on a P4P list aint all that bad. Look for Wright to turn heads against Jermain Taylor or one of the top 10 in the up coming months. Beating the man that beat the man would do a lot for Wright’s status & most likely within a year he will have a shot at Hopkin’s belts via Taylor. Wright’s career has been riddled with missed opportunities…so he & we may all be put on a waiting list until something materializes.

3: Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquiao has done a hell of a lot over the past 5 years. In winning or losing he’s gained a shatload of fans. After beating the likes of Hussein, Velazquez, Lucero, and the great Marco Antonio Barrera he has stamped his name on the Super Bantamweight division & his hold on the Featherweight division seems to be fully tightened as he just kicked the living shat out of Morales & knocked him down not once but twice on way to knockout. Steady moving up the latter…Manny the Destroyer…the Pac-Man…Pacquiao.

4: Marco Antonio Barrera.

The Baby Faced Assasin has jumped leaps & bounds up through the weight classes & he has never turned down an offer taking on anyone & everyone that was ignorant enough to call his name. The two time conqueror of Morales needs a showdown with Marquez or possibley a rematch with the infamous Manny Pacquiao to cement his name in pound for pound history. Barrera constantly betters himself with each outting & like a fine wine he seems to just age gracefully. You can’t help but develop a taste for him.

5: Ricky Hatton.

Hatton, a lot like Floyd, has done a lot…but that nagging question has always been out there…who has Hatton done a lot against? Well…he beat Kostya Tszyu & he beat Maussa pretty damned convincingly…so that my friends equates to who & also a lot. Even though he has an undefeated record & always besting the competition, many showed him little respect…well he’s got it now…& it was a toss up as to who we gave the #4 spot too…but I still leaned towards Zab…even though I loathe the fooker…if we disagree…let’s discuss it…maybe he does deserve to be above Zab now…epsecially after the Maussa win.

6: Juan Manuel Marquez.

Again, no explanation needed here. Look at the record…look at the man. Smooth & technical this one’s hard to beat. JMM has got 44 wins with 33 knockouts, he lost only two fights…one of which he was disqualified & he drew with Pacquiao after getting nailed & dropped on his ass 3 times…always hot on the trails of the other Latin warriors…Marquez will not be denied.

7: Joe Calzaghe.

Joe Calzaghe has dominated his division from the get go! Even as an amatuer Calzaghe was nothing short of amazing. His professional career consists of running undefeated in 40 fights with 31 ko’s starting in 1993. That says it all. The turning point of Calzaghe’s career will come to either a conclusion or the world wide realization that the Italian Dragon truly is the Pride of Wales & that much more.

8: Rafael Marquez.

Rafael Marquez is one of the best kept secrets in boxing. The Marquez brothers have both skyrocketed to fame in the last 3 or 4 years…but it’s Rafael, with his blistering knockout power, that is finally starting to gain prestige. To see Marquez in form & on point is almost amazing. He currently runs a record of 38 fights, 35 wins with 31 knockouts, & 3 losses. Not too bad. He’s brought a lot of recognition to the almost ignored Bantamweight division in recent years & he has defended his IBF strap seven times in a row. Again…not bad.

9: Jose Luis Castillo.

No explanation needed here. Look at the record & this guy has to make a splash in the P4P division. With wins over the best in his division & around the bend against the likes of Corrales, Casamayor, Johnston, Lazcano, Diaz, & a really really close one to Floyd…there aint much room to argue here. Castillo’s exciting, powerful, & really hard to beat.

10: James Toney.

Lights Out has been an odd candidate to apply to our list. Looking at the man’s accomplishments over all would make him a shoe in…but lookin at his heavyweight record & you start scratching your head. He’s been washed up fighters, blown up cruisers, & then had help beating Ruiz with the juice. Still…in the end…he’s got a hall of fame career & he has hopped from weight to weight & relatively he has stamped his name in all respects in bold letters. Let’s see how he fares against a legit…all be it…questionable heavyweight in Hassim Rahman.

RING Magazine


Junior Welterweight
Junior Lightweight
Junior Lightweight
Junior Welterweight
Junior Welterweight
Light Heavyweight



1. Floyd Mayweather Jr., junior welterweight, (35-0, 24 KOs) - Pretty Boy Floyd has signed to meet former welterweight world champion Zab Judah despite the New Yorker's embarrassing loss to Carlos Baldomir a month ago. The fight will take place on April 8th and pits the fighter most consider the best boxer in the world today against the Brooklyn speedster. Mayweather finally has a decent opponent though some of the bling has been tarnished from the contest.

2. Winky Wright, middleweight, (50-3, 25 KOs) - The Florida fighter's promoter (at least for this fight), Gary Shaw, has offered the key to the safe to get his fighter Wright against current middleweight champion Jermain Taylor on June 17th. This is a fight that many experts consider an even one, pitting Wright's experience and defense against the aggressive youth of Taylor.

3. Marco Antonio Barrera, junior lightweight, (61-4, 42 KOs) - Barrera holds the WBC and IBF junior lightweight titles. After winning world titles in the junior featherweight and featherweight divisions, the Mexico City boxer may have passed the comfort zone in accepting a match against IBF lightweight title-holder Jesus "Matador" Chavez. The five pound difference may not seem like a lot, but it's an entirely different realm and could spell the downfall for Barrera. The winner could get Manny Pacquiao.

4. Manny Pacquiao, junior lightweight, (41-3-2, 33 KOs) - The Filipino bomber known as Pac Man destroyed Erik Morales in their match in January and knocked out the man no one else could even drop. With his speed and power and trainer Freddie Roach in his corner, can Pacquiao move up to lightweight to challenge the heavier fighters? That's where the big money lies. But it's also a huge difference in opponents. We'll see what his team decides. The winner between Barrera and Jesus Chavez could be his next opponent.

5. Jermain Taylor, middleweight, (25-0, 17 KOs) - Give Taylor credit for accepting Winky Wright for his next fight. Though many felt he lost both fights to Bernard Hopkins, he was the only guy stronger than the Philadelphia fighter for the past 12 years. Taylor also deserves kudos for walking into the danger zone of Hopkins and emerging unscathed. Now, can he beat Winky in June?

6. Bernard Hopkins, middleweight, (46-4-1, 32 KOs) - Hopkins may still fight against Roy Jones Jr. if he accepts a lesser payday. But HBO doesn't want the fight and Hopkins still has a contract with the cable network. Other opponents mentioned for Hopkins’ farewell fight are Antonio Tarver, and this seems to be the likely option at this point. It's almost certain to be Hopkins’ swan song and should take place in Atlantic City or Philadelphia.

7. James Toney, heavyweight, (69-4-2, 43 KOs) - In a few weeks Toney gets another shot at a heavyweight title when he meets Hasim Rahman for the WBC belt on March 18th, in Atlantic City. Is it getting dim for "Lights Out" Toney who is nearing 40 and could be on the downside of his Hall of Fame career? Toney seeks his third heavyweight division world title to go along with the IBA and WBA he captured last year. He's also got a middleweight, super middleweight and cruiserweight world championship. The WBA title he won from John Ruiz was wrested from him after he tested positive for steroids.

8. Jose Luis Castillo, junior welterweight (54-7-1, 47 KOs) - The Feared One didn't get a knockout victory over Rolando Reyes, but he has bigger game in mind. Castillo will fight one more bout at the 135-pound lightweight limit before testing his rampaging skills against bigger guys. Diego Corrales is the only man Castillo wants to shed the weight for. With Corrales getting the extra rest, it should prove to be as great a fight as their first encounter. Especially with the weight problems Castillo has endured the last 12 months.

9. Antonio Tarver, light heavyweight, (24-3, 18 KOs) - Tarver, one of the stars of the film Rocky 6, now in production, still has dollar signs in his eyes. A match with Bernard Hopkins, Glen Johnson or even Mike Tyson sounds good to the fighter known as the Magic Man. But please no Roy Jones Jr. You can't convince me Tarver was trying to knock out Jones when he hurt the former great. Those guys are friends. Let's see how Tarver does against Hopkins.

10. Diego Corrales, lightweight, (40-3, 33 KOs) - The injured rib suffered by Corrales provoked massive relief for his thousands of fans. Most felt the lanky bomber was taking a fight against the incredibly strong Castillo much too soon. Now, with another four months of a rest and recuperation period, his fans are more confident the fighter known as "Chico" will be battle-ready to defend his WBO and WBC titles this coming June.

11. Ricky Hatton, junior welterweight, (40-0, 30 KOs) - After chopping down the great Kostya Tszyu, where do you go next? In Hatton's case you go to the United States and sign with an American promoter so you can dance with the big boys. There are lots of big fights to be made for Hatton. If all goes well, he can have Mayweather, Castillo, Miguel Cotto or even Arturo Gatti. There's a lot of money to be made for the British fighter known as the "Hitman."

12. Juan Manuel Marquez, featherweight, (44-2-1, 33 KOs) - The slick Mexican fighter has a tough match next month in Borneo, of all places. Marquez faces undefeated Chris John in his home country and that spells trouble. Basically Marquez, a very conservative boxer, needs to go for the knockout victory or leave his world titles in the Indonesian island. His come-from-behind draw against Pacquiao almost two years ago proves he can do it.



1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (140)
Pretty Boy received a forced lesson in humility – set up for the biggest payday of his career, only to see it go down the drain when Zab Judah inexplicably lost to Carlos Baldomir. The fight’s still on, but with much less zip. Thanks Zab.

2. Winky Wright (160)
Fight with Jermain Taylor seems in peril, although it will happen sooner or later. He wants 50-50, and by all means, he shouldn’t get it. In the meantime, he has little room to move after a tougher-than-expected win over Sam Soliman..

3. Marco Antonio Barrera (130)
Has a date set for March 25 against lightweight titlist Jesus Chavez or perhaps even Jorge Barrios. Word is that it won’t be a pay-per-view. Either matchup is a doozy.

4. Jermain Taylor (160)
Victory over Bernard Hopkins in the rematch was by no means convincing or dominating, but there is no disputing who kingpin at middleweight is. Because of that, he should get at least 60% against Wright. That isn’t happening and neither is the fight for the time being.

5. Ricky Hatton (140)
Scored a solid 10th round knockout over tough ex-title holder Carlos Maussa. Hopefully now he can make some big things happen in a very talented section of the boxing landscape. The consensus Fighter of the Year may come to the U.S. after being signed by one of the plethora of promoters who are courting him.

6. Manny Pacquiao (130)
Pacquiao’s victory over Erik Morales was dominant enough that he may deserve to be higher than six. Some have said that Morales is a shot fighter, but he didn’t seem that way through the first five rounds. Pacquiao just beat him up and took the flames from the usually fiery Morales.

7. Jose Luis Castillo (135)
The third (possibly not final) meeting against Diego Corrales is postponed for late Spring, early Summer in (my mother’s hometown) El Paso, Texas. Chico’s rib injury may be a blessing in disguise, especially for Corrales, giving both men more time to recover from the torrent pace of their series, which would have been three fights in nine months.

8. Antonio Tarver (175)
Despite having some excellent fights on the table, a third match with Glenn Johnson or a date with Taylor, he’ll probably elect to stay at heavyweight after his portrayal of Mason “The Line” Dixon for the upcoming Rocky movie.

9. Rafael Marquez (118)
Great TKO win over a tough Silence Mabuza, but there is little chance that we will see Marquez at bantamweight much longer.

10. Juan Manuel Marquez (126)
Being relegated to the number 10 spot is by no means Marquez’s fault. His manager Nacho Beristain has done anything but manage his ultra-talented fighter. After his upcoming fight against Chris John in his homeland of Indonesia, hopefully Marquez can get a fight with Pacquiao. At 31, he’s running out of time.

Next in line (in alphabetical order): Ivan Calderon, Joe Calzaghe, Martin Castillo, Diego Corrales, Bernard Hopkins, Glenn Johnson, Jeff Lacy, Antonio Margarito
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Unread postby swerb » Sun Feb 12, 2006 2:03 pm

Swerb ...

1. Mayweather
2. Winky
3. Pacqiauo
4. Jermaine Taylor
5. Juan Manuel Marquez
6. Barrera
7. Morales
8. Hatton
9. Tarver
10. Calzaghe
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Unread postby Guest » Sun Feb 12, 2006 4:28 pm

The Top List:
1) Floyd---------no debate can be made
2) Taylor, beat the old "King" twice
3) Tarver
4) Winky
5) Marquez
6) Barrera
7) Margarito
8) Lacy
9) Tied until they fight again Corrales and Luis Castillo
10) Cotto
If Ivan Calderon had any competition at 105lbs he would be higher. He is amazing, like a midget almost. I saw fight in person and was amazed.
F Hopkins
F De la Hoya
He's been seen once????????????

Unread postby swerb » Sun Mar 05, 2006 10:41 am

My updated Top 20 after the last couple weeks worth of fights ...

1. Floyd Mayweather
2. Winky Wright
3. Manny Pacqiauo
4. Jermaine Taylor
5. Juan Manuel Marquez
6. Marco Antonio Barrera
7. Erik Morales
8. Joe Calzaghe
9. Antonio Tarver
10. Miguel Cotto
11. Antonio Margarito
12. Ricky Hatton
13. Rafeal Marquez
14. Jose Luis Castillo
15. Oscar Delahoya
16. Diego Corrales
17. Bernard Hopkins
18. Shane Mosely
19. Ivan Calderon
20. James Toney
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Unread postby British_Pharaoh » Fri Oct 13, 2006 9:55 pm

the bias towards Mayweather is shocking

and who would put Hatton over Calzaghe?

Calzaghe is the best British boxer for some time

and he's surely one of the best ever, up there with Lewis, McGuigan and Cooper
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Unread postby Guest » Fri Oct 13, 2006 11:03 pm

Mayweather has DOMINATED everyone he has fought to date.
No reason for him not to be a solid #1 pound for pound

Unread postby swerb » Sat Oct 14, 2006 10:25 am

Hardcoreboxing.net list from a couple months ago ...


1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. has become untouchable and he is undeniably ahead of the field in terms of boxing skill. If this pound for pound list was for blood, sweat, and tears then Mayweather would not crack the top ten.

One of the most exciting boxers of today. MANNY PACQUIAO defines was a prize fighter should be. PACQUIAO is always in shape, listens to his trianer, and always is willing fight anyone at any time. Dubbed the "Mexican Killer" for taking out the great Mexican Champions of recent times.

JERMAIN TAYLOR is legit. He beat a legendary Hopkins and arguably should have won his draw against Winky Wright. Arkansas's only professional sports franchise is a young 27 years old.

4. Rafael Marquez
The lesser known but better half of the Marquez brothers. Rafael continues to do what he does best, which is annihilating opponents in the ring. Marquez has not lost since November of 2000. Marquez posses a rare combination of skill and power.

5. Ronald "Winky" Wright
Ronald "Winky" Wright is an excellent professional prize fighter. Although Wright is not always a crowd pleaser he is very consistent in what he does. Wright has become one of today's best champions.

This man is at the center of some weight controversies but it doesn not and should not effect his place on the top ten list. CASTILLO is the only man that can arguably say he beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. CASTILLO needs to help himself now and stay up in weight. If Corrales really wants to fight him then I'm sure Corrales nearly six foot frame can support a little extra meat on it's bones

This man proven his worthiness by continually winning. CALZAGHE destroyed American Darling and pound for pound hopeful, Jeff Lacy. The only knock on a man that has not lost is that it is time to take his show on the road.

A remarkable story. As a young man he nearly destroyed his life but through love and dedication for the sport of Boxing he has risen from the ashes to become a very likeable and respectful human being. He is one of Boxing's best stoires and true ambassador of the sport.

9. Jorge Arce
Arce is a fun man to watch and he has quickly become a fan favorite because of his style. Despite his Flamboyant style in and out of the ring no one in his weight division can touch him. Arce employs a very difficult boxing style to go along with his explosive power.

10. Miguel Cotto
Cotto is all about business in the ring and although he is not quite the superstar that his countryman Felix Trinidad was Cotto's style will lend him to be around longer.

Knocking on the door and in no particular order: Marco Antonio Barrera, Jose Antonio Rivera, RICKY HATTON, Oscar De La Hoya, SHANE MOSLEY, Rocky Juarez, Juan Diaz, Ivan Calderon, and ANTONIO MARGARITO.
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Unread postby British_Pharaoh » Sat Oct 14, 2006 11:59 am

why arent american fighters forced to take their 'show on the road' and made to prove themselves in the birth place of modern boxing, Great Britain?

Calzaghe is the best in his category beating someone in another country is just like beating him at home
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Unread postby Guest » Sat Oct 14, 2006 12:07 pm

To answer your question

Unread postby British_Pharaoh » Sat Oct 14, 2006 4:48 pm

FightDr wrote:To answer your question

of course

titles belong to the promoters these days and its all about money

no ones willing to take less purse in order to have a chance at glory.
"There is but one thing of real value: to cultivate truth and justice and to live without anger in the midst of lying and unjust men"

-Marcus Aurelius
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