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MMA Top Ten Rankings

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MMA Top Ten Rankings

Unread postby XUDawg » Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:10 am

Currently bored at work, I figured I would see what type of rankings I could come up with. I figure I won't do to well with the 145 and 135 classes, so I'll just have top whatevers for those.

1. Fedor Emelianenko
2. Brock Lesnar
3. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
4. Shane Carwin
5. Frank Mir
6. Brett Rodgers
7. Josh Barnett
8. Randy Couture
9. Andrei Arlovski
10. Junior Dos Santos

Comments: I placed Noguira ahead of Frank despite the outcome of their fight in December, because the fight appears to be anomalous. Rumors are Nogueira was suffering from staph, which would make the outcome make a lot more sense, seeing as how he lasted five rounds with much better fighters in his day, and had never been finished. Junior Dos Santos took the tenth spot that could have been given to a number of different fighters due to his age, his potential, and his camp.

1. Lyoto Machida
2. Mauricio Shogun Rua
3. Anderson Silva
4. Rashad Evans
5. Quinton Rampage Jackson
6. Gegard Mousasi
7. Forrest Griffin
8. Dan Henderson
9. Luis Cane
10. Rich Franklin

Comments: Henderson has a spot on this list due to his history at 205, and his recent victory over Rich Franklin. So even though he may not fight at 205 again, he stays until that fact becomes conclusive. Rampage is low on this list due to his lackluster performance against Jardine, and his three fight streak of insisting on fighting one-dimensionally. If he prefers to fight MMA fights using a style that is strictly below average boxing, he is not going to sniff another title. Mousasi makes the list due to his skill-set, his beatdown against Babalu, and his declaration he intends to be a 205er.


1. Anderson Silva
2. Gegard Mousasi
3. Dan Henderson
4. Nate Marquardt
5. Vitor Belfort
6. Demian Maia
7. Jorge Santiago
8. Jake Shields
9. Paulo Filho
10. Yushin Okami

Comments: Mousasi, Silva, and Henderson are top tenners at 205 and 185. Filho has not gotten much respect lately, I guess just because of his strange loss to Chael Sonnen, in which he showed up overweight and seemed to be fighting two or three invisible dudes in the ring apart from the visible Sonnen. I actually think the fact he could take the fight to a decision even though he was fighting two or three extra invisible dudes is quite impressive!3

1. Georges St. Pierre
2. Jon Fitch
3. Jake Shields
4. Thiago Alves
5. Josh Koscheck
6. Martin Kampmann
7. Mike Swick
8. Paulo Thiago
9. Dan Hardy
10. Nick Diaz

Comments. The American Kickboxing Academy is well represented with three top ten welterweights. Nick Diaz could be higher on this list if he stayed at welterweight. He could also be ranked at middleweight or lightweight if he fought at either of those exclusively also.

1. B.J. Penn
2. Shinya Aoki
3. Joachim Hansen
4. Eddie Alvarez
5. Tatsuya Kawajiri
6. Kenny Florian
7. Gray Maynard
8. Gesias Cavalcante
9. Diego Sanchez
10. Frankie Edgar

Comments: The lightweight top ten is the only division not completely dominated by ZUFFA fighters. Hansen has not fought in a while, but his track record speaks for itself.

1. Mike Thomas Brown
2a. Urijah Faber
2b. Leonard Garcia
4. Jose Aldo
5. Rafael Assuncao
6. Kid Yamamoto
7. Joe Soto

1. Brian Bowles
2. Miguel Torres
3. Tayeka Mizugaki
4. Dominick Cruz
5. Joseph Benavidez

Comments: Featherweight is an exciting division. Bantamweight is basically 1 and 2 and everybody else. Cruz and Benavidez have time and the right kind of training partners to improve their games, and maybe get up there. Mizugaki is what he is.

Pound for Pound:
1. Anderson Silva
2. Fedor Emelianenko
3. B.J. Penn
4. Georges St. Pierre
5. Mike Thomas Brown
6. Lyoto Machida
7. Gegard Mousasi
8. Dan Henderson
9. Mauricio Rua
10a. Brian Bowles
10b. Miquel Torres
Honorable Mention: Nick Diaz, for being a talented, tough S.O.B. who is the only guy in MMA who is arguable a top twenty fighter in three different weight classes.

Comments: Extra respect given to fighters willing to move up in weight to challenge themselves, or compete at a very high level at multiple weight classes.
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Re: MMA Top Ten Rankings

Unread postby mswerb » Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:22 pm

BJ Penn over GSP?
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Re: MMA Top Ten Rankings

Unread postby XUDawg » Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:22 am

Yes. They are equally dominating at their respective weight classes. And B.J. Penn has beaten guys like Matt Hughes and Renzo and Rodrigo Gracie at higher weight classes. He actually held the welterweight UFC title. Granted it was a few years ago, but given that neither have lost at their own weight classes in quite some time, and have been equally dominating, B.J.'s success at higher weight classes places him ahead of GSP IMO.
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