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Advice needed....

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Advice needed....

Unread postby Bayou Tribe » Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:40 am

In addition to building an greater appreciation for boxing, I'm also trying to build a small library of dvd's to go along. So I found this site (link below) which has a promotion going on. If you buy one fighter's career set, you can get a free item from either the "Superbouts" section or the "Trilogies" section.

My questions:

1) Anyone have any experience with this site? Is it legit in terms of good dvd quality?

2) Which one would you choose in terms of a Career Set?

3) What additional dvd (from the 2 categories listed) would you get?

I don't watch alot of current heavyweight fights, mostly middle-light heavyweight of present day. But I do watch alot of "older" heavyweight stuff on classic - Ali, Tyson, Foreman, Holmes, etc, etc - when it comes on. I'm still really just getting into the sport, so alot of the finer points go over my head sometimes. Either way, thanks for the help.

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Re: Advice needed....

Unread postby bustedknuckles » Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:53 pm


For my money I'd go with the Career Set of Manny Pacquiao first (there's a good reason he has a billion fans) for a contemporary fighter and then for the classics I'd go with Sugar Ray Leonard (nobody had more mega-fights than he did IMO). That would be a great place to start any collection.

Probably can't go wrong on the trilogies or super fights, although I'd stay away from the Tarver/Jones selection as I don't think it holds up to most of the others, although fight #2 contains one of the best lines ever during the pre-fight referee instructions when he asks both fighters if they have any questions and Tarver comes out with " Yeah, what's your excuse going to be this time Roy" and then proceeds to floor him in rd 2. None of their fights were epic in my mind though. Most bang for your buck I think you gotta go Gatti/Ward though.

You can catch and tape a lot of the older HW fights with Ali, Foreman, Holmes, Tyson on ESPN Classic too. Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening tend to be the most regular showing times, although with the passing of Gatti and Alexis Arguello it seems that there's classic boxing on TV almost every night now.

In any event, enjoy the selections and let me know how it turns out.
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Re: Advice needed....

Unread postby Rusty » Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:24 am

That Joe Calzaghe career boxing collection looks like a steal for only $39.99. Just sit back and watch him repeatedly beat up hand-picked bums for hours on end!

Seriously, I would probably go with the Muhammad Ali career set, then take the Vazquez/Marquez Trilogy for the freebie. You can't really go wrong there.
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Re: Advice needed....

Unread postby davemanddd » Fri Jul 17, 2009 8:23 am

when i first saw the title of this thread, i thought "oh god, the apocalypse is truly upon us if people are actuallly seeking advice from a sports forum". hee-hee!!!

dave . . .
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