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HBO Thrilla in Manilla

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HBO Thrilla in Manilla

Unread postby mattvan1 » Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:15 pm

I thought this topic would be a better fit here as opposed to the "Movies Music TV...." forum.

Highly recommended if you have HBO. In addition to an historical account of the 3 fights, it presents a thought provoking position that Ali was manipulated by the Nation of Islam while Frazier was considered a puppet of the white establishment. Great interviews, both then and now with Frazier and handlers from both camps. Plus, great historic footage.

Let me know what you think. I loved it.

More here http://www.hbo.com/docs/programs/thrillainmanila/index.html
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Re: HBO Thrilla in Manilla

Unread postby swerb » Fri May 01, 2009 5:56 am

Spectacular. A must see for any boxing fan.

They dig deep into the history of Ali/Frazier ... the first two fights, then the last hour is pretty much on The Thrilla in Manilla.

I've seen the Thrilla on Classic several times. Never knew that if Frazier's corner didn't call the fight after the 14th, that Ali was gonna quit on his stool and not come out for 15.

Fight was a classic example why championship bouts are now 12 rounds. The abuse these men laid on each other was just amazing. Frazier had chopped away at Ali's body all fight, to the point where Ali collapsed off his stool right after Frazier quit after 14. Frazier took an alarming number of head shots, especially in the 13th and 14th. Frazier had fought for 10 years with only partial vision in his left eye, and told no one till his career ended. Ali had punched his right eye shut by rd 12. Frazier was fighting blind, literally, those last two rounds.

Amazing fight. Amazing story. Super documentary.
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