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funny column ...

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funny column ...

Unread postby TonyBagadonuts » Thu Aug 31, 2006 4:20 pm

Since i guess this is official woman bashing month here on swerbs website, i had to pass this along. The responses below it get pretty rude.

Georgia football foul for Moms

Is it fair for 'hardworking' husband to spend weekends on sports? Why can't 'game day' be family friendly?

By Theresa Walsh Giarrusso |

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

It's great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

Yeah, it's great to be a Georgia Bulldog - if you're not the one home alone with the kids.

My husband's season football tickets to our alma mater mean he gets fantastic Saturdays in Sanford Stadium with his best friend reliving his college days.

I know Michael works hard and deserves down time. However, if I said he had to take care of the kids for eight hours while I went shopping every Saturday, you better believe we'd have some problems.

I used to be included in these glorious game days. We would tailgate and cheer on the Dogs together.

But after our first child arrived four years ago, my season ticket got transferred to my husband's college roommate. The only game I ever attend now is Homecoming.

Two seasons ago, I decided to take the 2-year-old and 5-month-old to visit a girlfriend in Athens during a game so I wouldn't feel so left out. We drove over with my husband and his friend and dropped them off by North Campus. I was later told that wouldn't happen again - the kids had ruined their buzz.

Last season, I had completely had it by the fourth consecutive home game. The house needed repairs. I had a terrible cold, and I just needed a break from the kids. I begrudgingly took Michael to a garage to pick up his car so he could head east to get trashed on Jack and Coke and bark like a dog.

As I drove home with the babies in their car seats, listening to the Disney's Greatest Volume 1 album for the 900th time, cussing my husband, Mark Richt and the whole Bulldog Nation, I got pulled over for speeding.

As much as I want to be included in the game-day experience, I'm not quite ready to commit to the eight-hour odyssey that my husband turns each game into. He arrives early, drinks, eats and then stays late to sober up. Even if I was ready to devote that much time to a game, I'm not willing to spend $9 an hour for a babysitter.

Even though I don't want to root against the Dogs, the better they play, the worse I get screwed. Game days turn into game weekends. When they're winning, Michael wants to follow the team around the Southeast. And of course there is always the exciting annual drunken call from Jacksonville after the Florida game. (I put my foot down this year. He stayed home - and ignored us while he watched the game here.)

On the rare occasion that the whole family goes, there still are problems. The University of Georgia insists all children, even infants, pay the full adult ticket price. However, it does very little to make the experience family friendly.

Drunks spew profanity and tobacco juice. Newer ticket holders like us are stuck in the hot sun. There is no place to take kids to cool off except the concourse at the top of stadium, which is full of smokers and drunk sorority girls stumbling around in their stilettos.

There's no official stroller parking inside or outside of the stadium, which makes it tough to get my 31-pound 2-year-old to the game. There also is no decent place to nurse. One year, a paramedic took pity on me and let me sit in the back of his ambulance to breastfeed and change Rose.

I don't really want to go to every game, as much as I just want to tailgate in Athens. If the university wants to make even the littlest Bulldogs welcome, it would open up the Ramsey Student Center to season ticket-holder families. The kids could play in the air-conditioned gym during the game and the moms could chit chat.

I can't imagine the preschoolers could do more damage than the college students.


By Dave the Dawg
October 28, 2005 08:49 AM | Link to this

Could you be any more whiny and selfish? Let the man enjoy a few Saturdays each year! You're lucky he hasn't left you yet.

Now go change a diaper and fix your husband a sandwich and bring him a Jack and Coke.

By stop whining
October 28, 2005 08:53 AM | Link to this

And I am sure he whined until you had kids. Get real lady. You summed up your argument in the last paragraph...you want to sit around and "chit-chat." Save it for the bridge club, this is football. If you don't like it, as others have said, hire a babysitter. But, I am sure YOU are the buzz-kill.

By Captain James T. Kirk
October 28, 2005 08:59 AM | Link to this

Madamme, your husband is likely out chasing women who are not crazy.

By Sad but true
October 28, 2005 09:09 AM | Link to this

Poor, poor man. A grand total of 6 home games and you've got to bend him over a barrel for going to Athens. 6 Saturdays out of the entire year. Get a hobby, find a friend , or here's a wild idea, go do something with the kids.

By Waaaah!, Waaah!, Waaaah!
October 28, 2005 09:13 AM | Link to this

Wow, your husband gets to go to the game without you?! He must be living right.

My wife insists on going with me, complains about how early we leave for Athens, complains about the lack of parking, complains about the heat, complains about the drunks, complains about my drinking, complains about what I eat, complains about our seat location, complains about the crowd, complains about the ticket prices, complains about the concession prices, complains about Larry Munson and then wants to leave early to beat the crowd.

Do us all a favor lady, and stay home. Better yet, divorce your husband, take your kids and move up north of the Mason Dixon line where they've never heard of college football. Maybe you'll find some gonad impaired husband who spends his every waking moment making sure you are comfortable and entertained.

By Mark Richt
October 28, 2005 09:24 AM | Link to this


Shut-up and get your whinning butt back in the kitchen!!!


By mike
October 31, 2005 08:46 AM | Link to this

want some cheese with that wine? shame on the AJC for printng this crap...

By brent
October 31, 2005 08:51 AM | Link to this

What editor approved this idiotic story. Why don't you run a story about the % of men lined up outside Lenox Mall the day after Thanksgiving.

By Joe
October 31, 2005 09:58 AM | Link to this

You Bulldogs are some quality people, huh? How many of your cars are on cinderblocks? While your husband's at the game, what are you cooking - possum or squirrel? Go Jackets!

October 31, 2005 12:26 PM | Link to this

WAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Grow up loser. Let the man have his Saturdays. Women should be at home raisin the young uns!

By leon
October 31, 2005 01:00 PM | Link to this

I sure am glad I'm not married to you!

October 31, 2005 01:13 PM | Link to this

Look ladies, there are 6 home games a year so that's a measley 6 Saturdays out of 52 that your husbands want to themselves. You wanted the kids, you don't want to work for a living, so shut up and let the bread winners have a little fun just 6 times a year. Go play Bunko or have a tupperware party!

By James
October 31, 2005 01:21 PM | Link to this

The whinning wife must be from North Fulton or Dunwoody. Get a grip lady, it's just a few lousy Saturday's and after the season is over you have all the other week-ends to ride around with your cell phone planted to your ear driving your SUV like the world owes you and your little darlings a living. Married to you, the poor guy needs not only a few football games but I'd throw in a couple of lapdances at the Cheetah Club. I'd be introducing you as my first wife.

By Jason
October 31, 2005 01:27 PM | Link to this

Wow. God help me if I ever marry someone like this.

By Mike T
October 31, 2005 02:30 PM | Link to this

Football is just a game ,yeah and the Grand Canyon is just a hole in the ground. 92,000 people at every game in Sanford Stadium and over half of them are Women.Football is a good hobby,join in with your husband and enjoy the games.Be thankful he don't have the kind of hobby some guys got get drunk,chase after every skirt in town then go home beat the wife.A smart woman would use the games as some special time with hubby.Drop the kids with mama or sister Susie,break out that red and black teddy and wear it under your cloths to the game and let him have a little peak maybe just after halftime.Tell him you can do something for him that none of the Bulldogs can do.He might have to see how the game turned out the next day on The Mark Richt Show.

By Bully Dawg
October 31, 2005 03:05 PM | Link to this

You are without a doubt the most selfish, self-absorbed Mom-anista I have ever heard. I am sure that you have "Mommy Time" with your fellow Moms. No husband would be welcomed or invited to these W(h)ine Fests. But let your husband (who apparently is a supportive husband for the other 46 or so Saturdays per year) want to enjoy the Dawgs, and you blow a mammary gasket. Lady, listen up: your husband is not cheating on you; he is not unreasonably blowing the family's money (which he earned); he gives you guys attention 95% of the year. Back off and let the man BREATHE!

By Hobbes
October 31, 2005 03:31 PM | Link to this

Gee wonder why a guy wouldn't leap out of bed at 5:45 a.m. to listen to all that whining? If I were him I'd follow the dogs too to get away from Theresa's incessant carping.

Theresa and the rest of youfootball "widows" why don't you ask yourself "Why I am such a drag that my husband can't wait to leave for hours at time?"

I thank God my wife is not like you.

By Scott
October 31, 2005 04:57 PM | Link to this

Thank god, I got divorced and never had any kids!!! Doing what I want when I want and having a revolving door of women and no one gripping in my ear is heaven on earth!! All you spineless suckers who let your women run all over you should come join us truly content men on the other side!!

By dogbone
October 31, 2005 05:08 PM | Link to this

theresa needs to grow up deal with her insecurites. Her husabnd works hard and deserves a couple of weekends off. And go get me a beer Theresa
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Unread postby furls » Thu Aug 31, 2006 10:15 pm

Wow, I am speechless. I cannot say that very often. Speechless.

Incoming soapbox, Bail now while you can:

That is the problem with the world today. Everyone thinks that every facility everywhere should provide the particular ammenity that they need for that day. Sunny nice day, it would be nice if this overhang wasnt here. HOT sunny day, man I wish I had an overhang to hide under. Rainy ass 33 degree day, why didnt they build a dome.

Hmmm, breast feeding facilities? are you serious? day care play area? my question is where the hell is the olympic pool and the sauna? I really like to swim when i watch football.

That is just too funny, men are content to piss in troughs while talking to a stranger that is 2 inches to their left or right about a play earlier in the game. That is what football is about, bringing strangers together with a common bond (meatgazing is still prohibited).

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