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Thursday's Games

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Thursday's Games

Unread postby HoodooMan » Thu Mar 16, 2006 11:52 pm

Lots of good stuff today, and as much as I despise their NFL coverage, I think CBS always does a great job covering the tournament.

Nice day for the SEC. Like the Big 10, it seems the SEC generally performs better than its teams' rankings say it should in the tournament. Should they meet in the Sweet 16, Florida & anOSU would be very interesting.

How the does a player like Joah Tucker end up on a team like UW-M? I thought he was clearly the best player on the floor in that game.

Hell of a back & forth contest between Tennessee & Winthrop. I'd forgotten this, but my girlfriend remembered Bruce Pearl saying on the Jim Rome show a month or so ago, "Watch out for Winthrop...one team I sure wouldn't want to face in the tournament is Winthrop, etc." and you know he had to be sweatin' that one...in his case literally. (Not since Patrick Ewing have I seen anything quite like that) Crazy shot to win it. Too bad he took about three or four steps without dribbling before jacking it up.

Pacific let me down. Wasted opportunity at the end of regulation, and then up by 6 with 2:30 to go in OT they completely fall apart. BC can be such an enigma. They play basketball like Tressel coaches football, except unlike Tressel that style(?) won't take them very far.

I'm already regretting picking the Zags to advance past UCLA. The disparity in athleticism in that game might be enough to make you question whether or not the Zags' players are in fact moving.

And while it's better to be safe than sorry, somehow I don't think I'd categorize a dog sniffing around a hotdog cart as a "security threat."
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Unread postby swerb » Fri Mar 17, 2006 10:30 am

Great games yesterday. We can only hope to be so lucky again today.

I agree, CBS does a great job. They don't mess around boring you with analysis, and get you right from game to game. I was a little disappointed I didn't even get a look-see at the Montana upset of Nevada, even with coverage of 2 diff games on both my regular and HD CBS channels.

Big East ... Cuse, GONE. The Hall, GONE. Marquette, GONE. 0-3. Georgetown, Pitt, West V could all fall today as well. Could you imagine if 6 of the 8 Big East teams went down rd 1?

Great games all around though.

GW/Wilmington was a classic. As was BC/Pacific and Tennesse/Winthrop, two games where high seeds needed a buzzer beater and 2 FTs with 3 seconds left to survive.

Bama/Marquette was a good game as well. Bama taking control early behind bomb after bomb from Felix, and then Marquette making run after run at em. I like that Bama team, and UCLA better watch out. Great game by Steele as well.

Gonzaga/Xavier, Indiana/SD St were also very good. And Milwaukee, damn. I say them play the 1st 2 rds last year here in Cleveland, where they emerged to the 16. Same team back. I was thinking to myself about 10 min in ... "Why the fuck did I take the Sooners here?"

Plus, Montana a 13 seed and A&M a 12 seed (were actually 1 pt favorites though) both won.

Thats 9 of the 16 games that were pretty damn memorable.

Seton Hall, what a joke. What a no show. Outcoached, outhustled, outsmarted. That was an ass whooping. Wichita/Tenn should be a helluva game.
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