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Jim Boeheim Is A Great Coach

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Jim Boeheim Is A Great Coach

Unread postby swerb » Sat Mar 11, 2006 11:22 pm

Hated him as a kid, have really grown to respect him.

Finally got his sausage with the Melo team a couple years back, and what an amazing run in this years Big East tourney.

Been running that 2-3 zone since the beginning of time, and still wins with it.

Hall of famer. Guy is one of the all time great collegiate coaches. Kudos to JB ...
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Unread postby HoodooMan » Sun Mar 12, 2006 12:54 pm

As much of a straight-laced guy as he's always been (at least that I can remember), how jaw-dropping was that "We wouldn't have won ten fucking games" blast?

Speaking of G-Mac, I've always liked his game. And I think some of the 3pt % inconsistency he's had over the years can probably be attributed to him being asked to do too much at 'Cuse with the departures of other talented players. But is he Old Skool NBA PG or on his way to Europe? Hard to really guage in the 2-3, but I imagine he probably isn't much of a one-on-one defender. But then, how different would that make him from a player like Sarunas Jesijkgsklngs?

One final tangential thought--stick an air compresser in his ass and inflate him 3 times his normal size, he's a dead ringer for Robert Gallery with shorter hair.
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Boeheim's Rant

Unread postby johnnyo » Mon Mar 13, 2006 7:42 am

Seems to me his rant helped push the 'Cuse over the top in the Championship Game. Great coach. Underrated.
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