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Switching Positions

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Switching Positions

Unread postby JCoz » Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:44 pm

This was a post from Duane Long on DN regarding the idea of a few guys switching positions and I thought I'd bring it over since it was breifly discussed last week and I thought he had some interesting views on it. Dont rat me out, lol.

**We were having a discussion early last week about Buckeyes commitment Patrick Elflein and where he might line up as a college player. It seems he was penciled in as an offensive lineman when he was offered and committed. I never saw him as an offensive lineman based on his junior film. I was more impressed with him as a defensive lineman. Off his senior film I still have him as a better defensive lineman. As I look at the depth chart I don't think it matters whether he is a better defensive lineman. I look at the sheer number of defensive linemen on this team – 17 (including Noah Spence).

It is not just numbers. Look at the quality. We are looking at Spence, Adolphus Washington, Se'Von Pittman and Tommy Schutt. That is the best defensive line haul in the country this year. Florida State is the only school that can even offer a dissenting argument. The Buckeye haul is one of the best I have seen. Add it to last year’s impressive class and it is going to be hard to break into the lineup.

I looked at Elflein’s senior film and saw a better offensive player. He looks bigger. That was one thing that put him on the defensive side for me. I did not see a player who had the frame to get big enough to be an effective lineman. He looks like he might get there now. He projects as a guard. The Buckeyes need tackles. Something Fritz Jones noted: We keep forgetting nobody but Jim Bollman saw the potential in Tommy Brown, Antonio Underwood and [/b]Chris Carter[/b]. We have some bodies at guard. Whether they will ever be quality enough that we can expect them to play remains to be seen. There are no questions that off of high school film, Elflein is the better player. The odds Elflein is going to crack the lineup on defense are not very good. The odds he can help this football team on offense are pretty good.

**There is no hotter topic than who is going to play offensive tackle opposite Andrew Norwell next year. 83 threw this name at me a few days ago. I thought it intriguing at the time but did not really look at it until just a short time ago. Take a look at this film:

http://www.scoutingohio.com/index.php/v ... e&user=254

It takes awhile to get to a good chunk of the offensive plays but it was worth it. I said Chase Farris is the second best offensive tackle on the roster. After watching this film I think I would say the second best offensive tackle on the roster is Adam Bellamy. He is very much in the rotation on defense. Taking a player who has been productive and moving him to another position seems like robbing Peter to pay Paul but the thinking behind that is you weaken on position to strengthen another. I don't think that is the case here as the defensive line has so much talent, it can recover. As good as the players coming in are, we have to think about the possibility Bellamy is going to be forced to give up some reps anyway as we get the those talented players into the rotation. I think he is a better player than he is given credit for but the more I think about what I keep repeating - that we only have one natural tackle on the roster - the more I think we need to make absolutely sure we fix this.

I have always believed Josh Perry would be a defensive end. When I spoke to several people after the Buckeye camp last summer they confirmed Perry is even bigger than the last time he was seen up close by legit talent evaluators. Fans do not consider the growth factor. High school kids think they lift weights. No, they don't. They are in the weight room. They are throwing around some iron but they are not maximizing their potential. The fact that every major college is paying someone a great deal of money to train these guys is proof of that. This is a kid that is going to blow up once he gets to the WHAC with Mickey Marotti. Perry is a long kid who is going to add some weight. I do not think he will be a linebacker. He might not be a defensive end either.

Perry projects as a weakside end. So do Spence and Washington, as well as 2011 elite defensive end Steve Miller. As much as I am a fan of Perry, he would be fourth on that list. Spence and Washington might be big enough to play strong side but there are players like Kenny Hayes and Farris if he does not move over to offense, waiting in the wings on the strong side so we are not likely to see more than one of Spence or Washington move over to that side.

Miller is not going to be big enough to move over. If Darryl Baldwin is ever going to have an impact on defense it will be at strong side end. It is going to be one tough slog to make it into the rotation for Perry with the incoming talent plus the returning veterans on the defensive line.

Look at Perrys senior film: http://www.scoutingohio.com/index.php/v ... &srid=9350

Look at it objectively, like you do not know he is projected as a defensive player. I think he shows he is better as an offensive player. I think we have the best group of tight ends we have seen in as long I can remember with Jake Stoneburner, Nick Vannett, Jeff Heuerman and incoming freshman Blake Thomas. All are fine receivers and they can block. The thing is, as Crr pointed out, the spread is more H-Back friendly. These big inline tight ends have a place in the offense but Meyer is going to want a speed-first athlete at the position. With the logjam on the defensive line, Perry might be the player who fills that role and he would be a great choice.
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