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Would a playoff in college football really diminish...

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Re: Would a playoff in college football really diminish...

Unread postby Triple-S » Fri Dec 04, 2009 12:38 pm

The former Bush factotum and current BCS shill discusses the playoff "scheme" with Bryan Curtis: "It's like saying we should get rid of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and hold smaller parades all across America."

http://deadspin.com/5418304/ari-fleisch ... ular-ideas

Wouldn't it be more like, having one two floats in the whole parade and the others forced to go to say, the "smaller parades" in Boise and Dallas, etc.

Also, another moronic argument.

A bracket-style playoff wouldn't end the debate, it would only fuel it. Advocates of a hypothetical playoff can't agree on how to resolve key playoff questions: who, what, where and when.
For example,

Ooh! Ooh! Let me answer!

Who would participate? 16 teams
How many automatic qualifiers? 11 Conference Champions
What would be the criteria to qualify? Winning your conference or ranking high enough in the polls to earn one of 5 Wildcard spots
What would be the criteria for seedings? We'd go by the BCS rankings of course!
Where would the games be played? Home sites first round, the secound round would be 4of the 5 BCS Bowls (Cotton, Rose, Fiesta, Orange, Sugar), and "The Final Four" would rotate every year
When would the games be played? The weekend of December 19th, which would give everyone at least a week to finish up finals like at Kent., You give everyone Christmas week off, The Week of January 1st so you can keep the New Year's Day Tradition, the week of January 16th, and then finally another week off, and we settle the National Championship game the week of January 23rd when the NFL has the bye week for the Super Bowl.
If you could resolve all that would everyone be satisfied? NO!!

http://deadspin.com/5413899/bcs-is-the- ... cs-website

Auctually yes. Also, I'd venture to say that the BCS is not a "tradition" worth keeping, to me it's sort of spoiled the fun that the Bowl system probably used to be with. I mean, yeah, you've had a couple excellent title games, TOSU/Miami (fl.) in '03 was incredile, Texas/USC was another great game, and no one can ever forget Boise/Oklahoma. But for everyone of those we've seen games like "X-SEC Team" blow out "X-Big XII/Big Ten team". At least in the old days you would see teams play harder in order to impress the voters or knock off said team.
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