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Time To Start Talking USC

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Time To Start Talking USC

Unread postby swerb » Mon Nov 27, 2006 12:27 pm

Have had a chance to see 3 of their last 4 games, and have been impressed. Yes, they still have to beat UCLA on the road ... but they should.

The Buckeye secondary was exposed against Michigan, and USC has no greater strength than their talented WR's. Jarrett just vaulted himself into the top ten of the NFL Draft with that performance against ND. And Smith has been their best WR all year. The 3rd WR Turner, as well as the TE Davis both have skills as well. And J.D. Booty, after being good for 2-3 boneheaded throws a game early in the year, has really settled down and matured.

USC is the only team in the country as fast or faster than the Buckeyes. And they will have all that Michigan game tape to use to help in their preparations for their attempted siege on the tOSU secondary.

Their running backs ... haven't been real impressed with them. Gable, Washington, Moody ... eh. The OL - Baker at LT is a beast, but look what Gholston did to Jake Long. Also, I question whether or not USC has played any defenses this year worth a crap. Who was the best defense USC faced? Certainly not Arkansas's week one defense. Oregon? Cal?

Defensively, I coulda swore USC was a 3-4 team earlier in the season, but they've been playing almost exclusively 4-3 as of late from what I've seen. The DL is alot smaller and quicker than Michigan's, which I'm not sure how much I like ... even though Michigan is clearly superior in the front seven. In what was supposed to be a rebuild year for the Trojans, they lack their signature depth and experience up front on D.

USC's got one real good CB, his last name is eluding me. I have no idea how their depth will mesure up against the spread once Robo, Hartline, and Hall get in the game.

What I do know is that USC is alot better coached, and a helluva lot faster than Michigan.

Ultimately, the Troy/Tressel factors, as well as AZ being Columbus West ... seem like too much for anyone to overcome. But the Trojans are playing well right now, and are clearly not a foe to scoff at.
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Unread postby yargs7 » Mon Nov 27, 2006 10:56 pm

This is a dream matchup. USC is a talented football team. They, IMO, are every bit as good as Michigan if not better.

Defensively...Their secondary is probably going to be the best OSU has faced all year. Their LB's are scary fast. I really like how they fly around and tackle well. They blitz often and from every angle. Their D-Line is good too (DE Lawrence Jackson is a stud), but their achilles will be their lack of depth up front. I think Troy Smith is every bit as good as Vince Young was and he has more weapons at his disposal. In last year's Rose Bowl VY made the Trojans pay when they blitzed early, then ran all over them late in the game because they were flat worn out. I expect much of the same from Smith and Co. this year.

I think it will be business as usual for the Buckeye offense. No matter what scheme Carroll concocts to slow them down, Tress and Troy will have the answer. Ohio State's depth on the O-line and SC's lack of depth on the D-line is going to make a big difference in the game.

Offensively...USC is loaded at WR. Their size at WR poses all kinds of matchup problems. TE Fred Davis is a converted WR, and at 6'4" 260, he is tough to cover. I agree Swerb, I'm not very impressed with their RB's either. Cable, Washington, and Moody did combine for 1500 yards though. Booty is pretty damn good, but is prone to make some really bad throws in bunches. Ohio State has to capitalize, something ND and Cal just could not do.
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