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Yargs on Bonds

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Yargs on Bonds

Unread postby yargs7 » Mon May 08, 2006 9:44 pm

Call me an idiot. I must be. I actually started to feel bad for Barry Bonds. I bought into the propaganda that is Bonds on Bonds. Then I watched his press conference on ESPN last night. It only took about 3 responses from Bonds to realize that this guy is a creep. For someone who is supposedly innocent, he is ridiculously defensive. He got pissed when asked about steroids. He got pissed when asked about the fans in Philly. He got pissed when asked about his knee. Then when a reporter asked him if he would sign the home run ball for a fan (of his none the less) he smuggly replied, "NO". I actually wanted to root for Bonds to surpass "The Babe". I was hoping he'd give me a reason to pull for him. All he did last night give me one more reason to hate him. I hope he blows out his knee and never plays again!
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Crank on Bonds

Unread postby ACrank » Tue May 09, 2006 10:21 am

i doubt you will ever catch me watching Bonds on Bonds because, outside of what he does on a baseball diamond, i really could care less. The older i get the more i realize that Cosell was right when he said that the American public is addicted to sports - and he said that how many decades ago? Unless if its something like Daryl Strawberry or Steve Howe, where you just want to personally drive them to rehab and lock them away, the personal life of an athlete is of no interest to me. (I think the last current athlete autobiography i read was "Me and the Spitter").

Having said that, and steroids or not, i am pulling for Bonds to surpass Babe Ruth. Why? Not entirely sure myself other than for the historical aspect of it.

(& as far as the whole steroid issue goes - frankly, i can't blame Bonds for using them. Its human nature. He saw others using them and gaining notoriety, and no one caring, so why not use them himself?)

PS - i know Bonds is an idiot. Just means he hasn't changed much. And again i really don't care whether he is or not.
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