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Detroit - Cleveland - 32 - 33 = August 1st

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Detroit - Cleveland - 32 - 33 = August 1st

Unread postby ramllov » Sun Jun 24, 2007 1:23 pm

It was a nice message. Does Detroit make a big gap between the Indians between now and August 1st. Detroit plays 32 games and Cleveland plays 33 games. What is nice, the Indians have the All-Star game off. They finally have some time off, it should help a little.

The Indians' schedule between today and August 1st a little easier than Detroit. It just depends upon how they handle the next thirty three games.

The Indians have series with some good teams, some ok teams and some weak teams. The problem has been is the Indians lately have not taken care of the weak teams. They had a shot getting a good gap between themselves and Detroit. They did not take advantage of it. I can see the frustration of our member who is making a point, that Detroit could open a 5 - 7 game cap, especially, if Cleveland continues to play like they have in the latter part of June.

This is the comparison of their schedules:

Cleveland ------------- Detroit

Washington 1 -------- Atlanta 1
Oakland 4 ------------ Texas 4
Tampa Bay 4 ---------- Minnesota 3
Detroit 3 ----------- Cleveland 3
Toronto 3 ----------- Boston 3
Kansas City 3 ---------- Seattle 4
Chicago 3 ------------- Minnesota 3
Texas 4 -------------- Kansas City 3
Boston 4 ------------- Chicago 4
Minnesota 3 ----------- Los Angeles 3
Texas 1 ---------- Oakland 1

The teams have many common opponents, but three extra games with Minnesota and three games with the Los Angeles teams does indicate Detroit has a tougher schedule.

Cleveland would either have to fall down or Detroit would have to go on a pretty good run. Now both of these possibilities are there.

I believe Cleveland could hang tough through July.

When the Indians signed all these free agents in the off season. I did not think the majority of them were long term. I thought that some of them were a bridge until a few of the younger minor league players were ready from either Buffalo or Akron. Now, April, May and the majority of June is behind us.

A few surprises were unexpected. I did not expect the injuries to the Indian starters. This did not happen last year. I did not expect to see Sowers, blow up. It appears a second year jinx. Hopefully, he can find his confidence before the next pitcher gets hurt or Miller will be ready.
It looks like Lee has found it, hopefully. Westbrook starts today, so lets hope. CC is doing great, he just needs run support. The Indians old veteran, had a bad couple of starts, he is a veteran, lets hope he straigthens it out. Our rookie has been lights out. What a sweet surprise.

The pitching staff/starters have done pretty well considering the injuries and Sowers not being effective. My brother answered a good question for me a few days ago. I was complaining about the Indians. He said, Hey they are in first place! Guess what he was right.

So here we have 7 games to finish June, they are one game out, and beat Detroit in their heads-up competition so far. I would say, this is great. Minnesota is a little further behind and the Chicago White Soxs are hurting. This looks pretty good.

Boston is up and The New York Yankees are down. It is still looking pretty good.

Los Angeles is up and the rest are competing.

So, as of today, the Indians are in pretty good shape, except they have looked pretty average the last few weeks.

They need to snap out of it.

Do their starting rotation of today compare with the starting five of Detroit? Detroit might have an edge, but the schedule difference could equal it out.

The middle relief between these two teams. I have not noticed Detroit having great middle relief with their injuries, but I have not looked that close. The Indians have been having some problems. A few changes have been made from the minors so we will see.

The setup positions, Detroit, they lost one to injury and the Indians cut theirs. B........court is looking great, what about Detroits other set-up guy, advantage Cleveland.

Closers, Borowski keeps getting saves inspite of himself, Detroit keeps winning, call it a draw.

Hitters - I would like to see some feedback. I will make my comments later in this thread since this message is too long. Two young players are up and one of the better paid veterans free agemts acquired is now on injured reserve.
I enjoy this stuff.
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