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Weird Indians Trivia That Probably Only I Find Interesting

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Weird Indians Trivia That Probably Only I Find Interesting

Unread postby jfiling » Wed Jun 13, 2007 12:26 am

What pitcher gave up Keith Hernandez' first hit as an Indian?
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Unread postby hermanfontenot » Wed Jun 13, 2007 4:27 pm

Scott Radinsky of the White Sox?
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Unread postby SexRaptor » Wed Jun 13, 2007 5:00 pm

Eric Plunk.
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Unread postby StewieG » Wed Jun 13, 2007 8:41 pm

Actually it was Plunk.

Bloop single to right field.

Interestingly enough, Jesse Barfield was the Yankees right fielder, Alvaro Espinoza was the Yankees SS, a very young Joey Belle pinch hit in that game, and Bud Black was the starter, but Jesse Orosco got the loss for us. It was a 6-4 final.
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Unread postby BadBecks » Wed Jun 13, 2007 8:53 pm

I remember after Keith got released I assumed he'd be the last Indian to wear the ear-flapless batting helmet... :-( :sad: :(

Then the infamous Pete O'Brien stepped in after the Julio Franco trade :lol:
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Unread postby TribeinLA » Thu Jun 14, 2007 12:15 am

A lil 1989 memory lane...

Pete O'Brien...boy was he just a great one year pickup or what! We really lost out on that trade, but give Jerry Browne some credit for hitting .299 and being one of the few hitting bright spots on that bad hot/cold hitting team. Petey, Snyder, Allanson, McDowell (til he was traded), Dion James, Dave Clark, Fermin...geez we had some crappy hitting with consistency. Aside from Joe Carter, Browne, Brook Jacoby, and Joey Belle's hot streaks (a July arrival), that was a baaaaad hitting team with many, many K's. Snyder went on the DL, if I remember correctly, and then we picked up Brad Komminsk, who somehow filled in. Joey Belle didn't hit with discipline yet, but he did some very good things including hitting a GW grand slam against NY. At the all-star break, Cleveland was just a game or two out of first and possessed four solid arms in Swindell (13-2 at break), Candiotti, Bud Black, and John Ferrell (when healthy). The problem after that was depth as Scott Bailes was a miserable 5th starter. Keith Atherton or Rich "not" Yett would spot start here and there. I still do not believe that Al Nipper wasn't on the team until a year later, though. Anyone remember him? :lol: The bullpen was anchored by Doug Jones, who was pretty decent for the few games he'd actually have a chance to save.

The '89 team was the first Indians team that I kept up with every game. A very fast takeoff, a Good Morning America appearance by Greg Swindell (who must have been booked 2 months in advance, because he was on the DL during the freaking interview and the host also said "The Cleveland Indians are in the thick of it because of Swindell." One of the worst interviews that no one knows about). By the time August had come and went, we were a semi-terrible team and finished in 6th place. Joe Carter was our best hitter and still couldn't hit above .260, but he could drive in runs. Key losses to guys like Julio Franco, Mel Hall, Andre Thorton, Pat Tabler, and Brett Butler - each within a year's time - due to whatever reason they were let go, did not help. Snyder, I remember, would hit 2 HR's in a game and then the next day he would K four times on 12 pitches and 12 swings. Did any other baseball player resemble trailer park trash quite like that cheese-stashed dummy that Snyder couldn't hide within himself? Snyder, Rob Deere, and Pete Incaviglia could go to a pinata party and have as many swings as they want at it and guess what? You ain't getting no candy out that bitch. Pete O'Brien, who sparked all of my useless remeniscent spouting in this post, was Paul Sorrento without eyes and arms. He actually was one of the best hitters on that bad team, too, depsite having some major Trot Nixon type numbers.

1990 wasn't much better, if it even could be considered such. I do remember the most exciting thing that happened to the '90 team was when Alex Cole arrived and started stealing multiple bases in multiple games. Remember the game he had 5? My first game in Cleveland, as a matter of fact, was in 1990 against Detroit. Alex Cole stole two bases and Mitch Webster hit a grand slam. Tom Candiotti beat Jack Morris and the next day Bud Black ousted Dan Petry. Then, I went back to our hotel and watched a 10 minute Sportscenter segment on Kevin Maas and how he was the next great slugger. :lol: I remember seeing that in Cleveland, for some reason. I think Chris Sabo owns that claim to 1990 fame though...or maybe even Mike Huff and Steve Jeltz. Candy Maldonado was a much better addition to the team than the usual business from Cory Snyder, who was on the DL 3/4 of the year or so, but always at Dairy Queen trying to pick up on chicks.

1991 was the worst year I had ever seen and I didn't get to see much of it, except ESPN Wednesday night baseball would occasionally carry us and I'd get to watch Milwaukee beat us on a Dale Sveum walkoff blast off of Doug Jones. Albert Belle's rollercoaster, the 400" power alleys that we thought would be smart to utilize, and a pitching staff that was never healthy might have won us 52 games and maybe even a 9 RBI performance from Chris "best part of the Padres trade" James won us a game by himself, but did we lose over 100 because Thomas Howard wasn't on the team yet or that Mark Whitten was the only player you wanted to be a designated fielder? Did we really call John Ferrell our ace after Tom Candiotti was traded or was 16 year old Charles Nagy notorious yet?

Throughout those bad years, great things were emmerging like Carlos Baerga - the only player in history to hit two homers in an inning from both sides of the plate. Kenny Lofton might have been the best Indian of all for eight years or so and was a machine on the basepaths and in center. Sorrento arrived and added some pop and Mark Lewis was totally living up to all of his hype on all of his stupid ass Dave Magadan prophecy-having baseball card...actually he wasn't. Jim Thome and Manny Ramirez were coming along like butter, despite both being very raw. Thome retired Brook Jacoby and Ramirez actaully carried his hype well, unlike the many, many overrated young outfielders that had been in Cleveland. Overall, '92 and '93 were not so good in the W/L column, but both years told a lot about what we would see. My last game at the Mistakeby the lake was on a Monday night in August of 1993, as Oakland and Mark McGwire and no one else came in. Todd Van Popel (not to be confused with Cy Young) threw for the A's. We won (really? I would have never thought you'd get a hit off of Van Popel, much less a win) and I knew that the future was closer to now. We all know what happend after that...

Thanks for reading all of this. I love history and that includes past baseball teams that were awful. They were still the Indians, though.
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