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PEDs or Johnny Football: Bigger story? Bigger impact?

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PEDs or Johnny Football: Bigger story? Bigger impact?

Unread postby OldDawg » Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:40 pm

Clearly the two biggest sports stories now are PEDs and Johnny Football's autograph-gate.

I ask this two-part question:
1) Which is a bigger story, media-hype wise? I think that's a draw.

2) But more importantly, which is really a bigger story in the long term?
Both stories might have tremendous long-term impact on sports.

Regarding PEDs, you are seeing many players supporting these bans and suspensions. You are seeing the union on board with the suspensions. Might this be the start of a bit of an in-house revolution to clean up the game?

Regarding Johnny Football, might these transgressions by a stupid, childish, selfish, self-centered, spoiled-brat "20-year old kid in college" be the impetus for a change in the NCAA's stance on "amateurism." There have been increasingly more common cries for changes in the NCAA's stance and the "exploitation" of college athletes.

Is it possible that these events will affect long-term change? Is it possible that the stories will eventually blow over and nothing will change?

I do think the biggest loser in the long run might be ARod. ARod's lasting legacy is crumbling by the day. His image is being crushed. Johnny Football... his image is taking a beating, but are NFL execs even sure he could play in the NFL?
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Re: PEDs or Johnny Football: Bigger story? Bigger impact?

Unread postby kman_holla8 » Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:01 pm

I think the stories of Johnny Football are just beginning. With the hoopla of the SEC and football crazy state of Texas he will be as polarizing as Tebow(for different reasons). His story is just beginning.

PED's have been in the news going on since BALCO. Agreed its good to see the players stepping up to support the suspensions and in-house cleaning up of the game. Already im sick of hearing from Pedro Gomez. Nothing that happens between now and the last day of A Rods life will make me think any diffrently about him NOW. He is a cheat and if he gets off I'll still believe he was a cheat.

Mr. Football will be fucking up more in the future and has a chance to be a Todd Maranovich-like fall from grace. One of the most hyped-college QB to mess his college career and pro career up.
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