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2012 Playoff Baseball

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Re: 2012 Playoff Baseball

Unread postby peeker643 » Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:46 am

motherscratcher wrote:
Bigfist wrote:Well, if you go back to the preseason prediction thread, most people put the Tigers in the playoffs, and I and Cerebral Down Time actually had the Tigers winning the World Series. No one had St. Louis winning it, although many people had them in the playoffs.

No. That can't be accurate. I quite clearly remember some discussion that Miggy isn't a good defensive 3B which means that everyone thought the Tigers would be terrible and the Tribe would have an easy ride on the backs of our ground ball pitchers inducing every batter to ground out to Hannahan.

Wait til you explain to those folks that Omar Infante is a better player today than Jason Kipnis. Not more valuable or a better player in the future, but a better player today.

Look it up.
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Re: 2012 Playoff Baseball

Unread postby leadpipe » Fri Oct 19, 2012 8:26 pm

pup wrote:
leadpipe wrote:Looks like the Fall Classic is going to feature a team that has a manager with absolutely no managerial experience - at any level vs. a squad that was gonna be a joke because they had too many fat asses in the field.

Just like this board predicted in the spring....errr...well it predicted about the opposite but anyways....

Moral - Get yourself some PLAYS. Don't matter who the captain of the ship is, don't matter righty/lefty/fasty/slowy blah, blah blah.

Get yourself some PLAYAS, get yourself some WINS.

The way the game always has, and always will work.

I understanding your opinion of managers. Don't agree with it 100%.

To each their own and all that.

But please...do you think the Cards are up 3-1 in this NLCS with Manny Acta at the helm? Or Eric Wedge?

They may not be significant, but they matter. A good one might not help PLAYAS, but a bad one can certainly detract from the performance of those PLAYAS.

I actually do, simply for the fact that if your in the Cards dugout, you've got your choice of huge, live arms, as opposed to an Indians organization that was stocked with soft throwing lefties, even though a dead man could see they wwere going the way of the dinosaur.

Small parks....guys raking to all fields.....might be a good idea to eschew the "next Scotty McGregor" idea, you know, like all the good team did.

Even the arrogant Cardinal manager from the last several years said in last week's SI, "It's a player's game, there not much of a difference between managers."

And yes, an extreme imbecile could make a difference. But not much of one.
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