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B-List: 4/17

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B-List: 4/17

Unread postby consigliere » Wed Apr 18, 2007 1:26 pm

No, wait, let me say one more thing here: in case you’re wondering about the strike zone, consider the strike-to-ball ratios of the other pitchers last night:

Davis: 20:16

Cabrera: 16:14

Hernandez: 14:13

Mastny: 10:8 (!!!!)

Chase Wright: 61:53

Bruney: 8:7

Myers: 16:10

Britton: 4:5

Now, what are the odds that NONE of the pitchers (except arguably Myers) was the least bit accurate? Nine pitchers, and they ALL have off nights, control-wise? I find that slightly incredible.

Yep, I watched the first three innings but turned the nightmare off after Westbrook gave up that bomb to Posada to fall behind 8-1. Figured it was an opportune time to spend quality time with the wife, while flicking back and forth to see if we were coming back.

That said, what I DID see in the first 3 innings was an incredibley small strike zone. Westbrook was just not getting anything. No low strikes. No inside or outside corner calls. None. As the same applied to the other pitchers for both teams all night. Who was the homeplate ump? Might be worth noting him in the future if he calls balls/strikes again. He was terrible.

That said, the other pitchers did not have a problem getting outs even with the limited strike zone....only Westbrook. Although, a case can be said that a sinkerballer is doomed if the ump forces him to elevate his pitches and he can't nibble.

Now, Hernandez got himself in the jam: after striking out Posada, he walked Cano on four pitches (pretty much the only thing I’m asking you not to do as a late-inning relief pitcher), was victimized by a Marte error, and walked Mientkiewicz after starting 0-2 (and he only fouled off on two-strike pitch; this was not some heroic Spartan stand by Mientkiewicz). But the ersatz double play ball to Damon should have gotten him out of the inning unscathed: instead, Barfield’s Nuke LaLoosh impression turned an 8-3 laugher into a 10-3 laugher, except without the laughter.

To add, in just about every Olberto appearance, it seems the defense just completely falls apart.

I’m gonna give ex-catcher Eric Wedge the benefit of the doubt on this one, but I can’t be the only person wondering why Victor Martinez (who appeared to be still laboring with the quad) was catching in the 8th inning. As mentioned earlier, I’m not entirely sure why he was catching in the FIRST inning, but again, I’m willin’ to play the Ignorant Schmoe card here.

Good catch. Like I said, I missed most of the game from the 4th inning on, and would have thought Victor would be removed from a 10-3 game in the 8th. I have no idea what Wedge was doing there, other than no thinking. Which, would be nothing new.

Although thrilled with the overall performance of the bullpen, I’m not entirely sure why Jason Davis didn’t just take the whole bullet after we spotted the Yanks the 8-1 lead. Yes, we scored a couple more runs and might have come back, but it’s not like Davis was laboring. He was a starter, right? Why not give him a Nick Masset-like four or five innings rather than burn through Cabrera and Oldberto and Mastny? Sowers better have a helluva start tonight.

And another good point. Davis should have gone out for at least two more innings. Now, we have three of our supposed top right-handers needing to pitch consecutive days if needed tonight.

Although, who am I kidding? No way Mastny or Cabrera gets used tonight. But, Oldberto will be summoned. You watch.

All told, this trio has pitched 14 1/3 innings, given up 1 earned run, walked 6, and whiffed 14. In contrast, Oldberto has appeared in 6 games, pitched 4 official innings, has given up 5 hits and 6 walks, has struck out 2, and has given up 3 earned and 57 unearned runs. I have a recommendation at this point.

Which begs the question, how much longer is Wedge going to stick with using Oldberto late in games and as the #1 right-hander out of the pen? You have tabbed him as Inertia Man, so of course we likely won't see a chance until mid-May.

I get that the Indians probably want to be careful with Cabrera, Davis and Mastny....and personally I don't EVER want to see JD pitch in crucial parts of games....but Cabrera and Mastny have performed well in the past in tight spots and late in gamers, and they are your future. Give them a chance at least once in awhile.
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