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Cleveland Cavaliers & The NBA

Cavaliers/Pistons series.

Talk Cavs hoops and other items from the NBA here.

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Cavaliers/Pistons series.

Unread postby FUDU » Sat May 19, 2007 6:04 pm

We all remember last year, two crushing losses early (all hope was lost) then some how some way we had the series advantage, only to relinquish all that effort in 2nd half of game 7.

Those types of experiences for a young team (and the leagues budding superstar mega talent) are all supposed to be motivation that gets them over the hump.

Well it just might but IMO it all focuses on game 1. A loss wouldn't be the end of it but a bad loss, meaning the Cavaliers played real bad (or we play well but Detroit still blows us away), could be.

When it comes to Detroit I think our Cavaliers are so fragile mentally that a good showing on Monday is imperative to any hopes of success in this series.

No way Detroit goes up 2-0 (as home court should dictate) and lets us back in this year.

Detroit is on a mission this time around. They got punked by Miami last year, and IMO and Detroit's the Pistons were the better team. Right now the Pistons might be the best team in the NBA, and there is no way they are lapsing again to let Cleveland back into a series.

The key to this series is playing well in game 1 win or lose and carrying that over to game 2.

If we win 1 of the first 2 I like our chances, down 2-0 is just too mentally draining for our boys.

Like the Bulls of the early 90's (JB's favorite NBA powerhouse dynasty) the Pistons are our Pistons.
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Unread postby Mr. MacPhisto » Sat May 19, 2007 6:46 pm

It's imperative to challenge all shots on the perimeter against this Detroit team. They can still sink fast if they're not shooting well from deep. That's one reason why they won fewer games this past season.

The Cavs can take no games off. They have to fight and position for all rebounds and limit Pistons' second chances while giving themselves second chances.

I think Daniel Gibson could be a huge factor in this series and Mike Brown needs to let him see time. He's a good defender and always tries. When he's on he can be a killer from deep. I'd rather see him out there a bit more than Sasha, who is so hot or cold, though offensive implementation has something to do with it.

Larry Hughes CANNOT drag down the offense. If he can't sink a bucket to save his life then he needs to pass to someone who can or be taken out of the game. His greatest offensive asset is his slashing ability. He needs to use it more to cut into the lane.

If Marshall actually is "on" again then that will be a help. I'd rather see Gibson off the bench than Jones.

The Cavs do stand a fighting chance, but they must execute much better, avoid turnovers, and prevent many easy buckets. They can do it but they must focus every minute. That's no small task.
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Unread postby mswerb » Sat May 19, 2007 11:59 pm

Damon Jones has just as much business being on the court as I do.
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Unread postby jfiling » Sun May 20, 2007 2:17 am

I'm standing by what I said in the Cavs/Nets Game 6 thread: I'm not predicting a Cavs win, but I think they can hang with the Pistons. Also, this series is going to define LeBron, and I'm open-minded enough to allow him to prove himself as the savior of Cleveland basketball.

I'm also cynical enough to remember back to the 1992 conference finals, when I was sure that Mark Price, Brad Daugherty, and Larry Nance were going to win the NBA Championship. That team was more complete, and better coached, than what we are "witnessing" so far.

I'm going to watch every minute of the Cavs/Pistons series and hope like hell that my cynicism is proven to be unfounded.
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Unread postby Guest » Sun May 20, 2007 8:55 am

I like the Cavs to win also
I look for Lebron to average about 35 a game in the series.

Unread postby KFletch » Sun May 20, 2007 9:44 am

I am hoping that the revenge mentality comes into play here and keeps the team's eye on the prize.

Living in Detroit, I can tell you that the media here is already banking on a Pistons win over the CAVS. I hope the CAVS let the local media here eat their words.

It should be an interesting sports week/weekend here as the Tribe is coming to play here this upcoming weekend as well....
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Unread postby consigliere » Sun May 20, 2007 3:39 pm

Cavs HAVE to take one of those first two. They ain't sneaking up on the Pistons again like last year. If they lose the first two, it is Pistons in 5.

If the Cavs can take one of the first two, then we are in for a great series.....but I still see the Pistons in 6 or 7. Don't get me wrong, though, just because I think the Pistons will win the series doesn't mean I don't hold out hope we can win it! There is a chance, oh yes there is.
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Unread postby He Gone » Sun May 20, 2007 9:31 pm

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Unread postby jdrake10 » Mon May 21, 2007 12:10 pm

The Cavs have a lot going for them vs. the Pistons unlike last year.

First off, the Cavs are completely healthy. Last year Hughes was still nursing an injury (hand?). Who knows what was wrong with Z last year, but he has been contributing in the playoffs this year. He was non-existent vs. Detroit last year.
Also, the Cavs are much better defensively now then they were last year. They have fully bought into Brown's system. They were solid most of the series vs. the Nets so this can keep them in almost any game.
Also, the Nets were employing the "double/triple team LeBron when he drives" defense that the Pistons are so good at, so the Cavs should be prepared for this having just seen it for 6 straight games.

I am confident the Cavs have a chance to win this series. But we shall see.
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