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Gang bangers bad for Vegas?

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Gang bangers bad for Vegas?

Unread postby pup » Fri May 04, 2007 10:41 am

Home Run Leaders as RHB 5/7/13

Mark Reynolds (10)
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Unread postby Wolfy » Fri May 04, 2007 12:12 pm

Awwwwwww, the poor casino's...let's all say a prayer for the casino's in hopes that they recoup all of there millions. I find it funny because I was there for a boxing match (Tyson/Hollyfield) and I couldn’t find a table to play at. Not because the bling-bling was in my way or the bullets were flying or I was worried about my safety...It was because the cheapest table I came across was a $100 minimum bet! Yes, one bet = $100. I don’t know about you but I aint no gangster and I had the feeling I wasn’t welcome on that weekend. That being said maybe the NBA should tighten the rains like the NFL and not let there players walk around with handguns and going to strip joints and treating life like Wild Bill back in the wild wild west days. It is an absolute joke that we can sit here and watch a guy like Stephen Jackson play very well against the Mav’s about a month or two after he went out guns a blazing after an altercation at a strip bar at 2:30 in the AM on the night of a game! Now he is hitting three’s with the same pace at which he unloaded a clip from his nine. The NBA is not worried about it so why should I be…because some billionaire lost a couple million…ha! Get real!
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Unread postby leadpipe » Fri May 04, 2007 5:02 pm

Wolfy is correct on both counts. The second half of his post is, in my opinion, covers a facinating topic on many levels. A. What we'll tolerate out of athletes. B. There level of entitlement. C. Their recognizing of both A & B and how it's taken advantage of. D. Overall decay of society in general. and E. How it's really just kind of glossed over by the majority of the general public like so many other things going on, like you know, a war for instance.

A few personal notes from recent Vegas Strip club history that you won't read in the papers (Many on this board who know me are aware that one of my best friends lived in Vegas for 14 years, and he's the only one of his family to move back. He's got many siblings in "Ther Business")

1. Pac Man Jones was the shooter in that case. You can beleieve what eventually comes out but there's about a half dozen club employees that saw exactly what happened, and if they had a gun to their head would tell you so. Instead of laying low and thanking God things are the way they are he's appealing the suspension. This combination of stupidity and nerve from a multi-felon-attempted murderer is actually becoming more familiar then appaling.
2. There has been a murder in a popular strip joing club parking lot since the Jones incident. You will never hear about it. The only reason I know is that I happen to know the guy that called 911. Bullett to the face, incidentally.
3. I know a guy who makes 500.00 a night front door security for one of the top strip clubs out there. Currently working 2 nights a weeks. They want to increase him to 5. Figure that out and consider he'll only claim about 30-40% at tax time. Hell of a living for watching the door. He Refused. The gang/entourage situation out there has become so bad the guys turning his back on a six figure job. What the hell do you think is going on in these places when these guys come in?

Lastly, I 've been to my share of bars and clubs. Never been shot at.
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