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Wild Game recipes

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Wild Game recipes

Unread postby stonepm » Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:44 pm

Anybody have any good recipes for any kind of game?

A couple of my favorites are so simple, its silly:

wrap dove breasts in bacon(hold with a toothpick), sprinkle with pepper, and cayenne pepper and grill till they are done. These are the best thing you have ever eaten. too bad you need like 100 of them.

marinate venison backstraps in italian dressing, garlic cloves, onion powder and pepper for about a day. Then put it on indirect low heat on the grill till it is done.

If anybody has any good rabbit recipes, i'm all ears. :lmfao: When you have beagle dogs, you end up with alot of bunnies and are always looking for something other than rabbit stew.
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Re: Wild Game recipes

Unread postby Cerebral_DownTime » Tue Sep 29, 2009 6:20 pm

Kill deer
Cut out heart
Be happy

My wife cooks rabbit similar to how you do your dove breasts, only she uses fatback instead of bacon and cooks under the broiler.

My venison marinade is simple, Worchestershire sauce (lots), mashed garlic, 2 tbl spoons of apple cider vinegar, onion salt, crushed red pepper flakes, and redhot. The only thing I measure is the vinegar, everything else is by the eye. Let it marinad overnight slice very thin, toss in a skillet with a lil bit of canola or other flavorless oil cook till it reaches your prefered level of doneness. Eat
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Re: Wild Game recipes

Unread postby waborat » Tue Sep 29, 2009 7:58 pm

2 blondes, a pool & some oatmeal usually works for me :spanky:
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Re: Wild Game recipes

Unread postby FUDU » Wed Sep 30, 2009 12:56 am

Criminals in this town used to believe in things...honor, respect.
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Re: Wild Game recipes

Unread postby jb » Mon Oct 05, 2009 2:39 pm

First off, y'all stop the truck, pick up the possum, and scrape the taaaahhhr tracks off the fur...
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Re: Wild Game recipes

Unread postby Cease » Mon Oct 05, 2009 2:43 pm

The tough part is getting the mice out of the traps without snappin' yer fingers.

*do I have to say "jusk kidding?" ;-) ;) :wink:
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