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Our league team - self team evaluations

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Our league team - self team evaluations

Unread postby ramllov » Thu Mar 29, 2007 9:32 am

I saw another thread, which I thought was a discussion of our 14 teams.


So, I'll start this thread on our 14 team league and if other members want to discuss their draft and their evaluation of there team, good!

I started off with 4 starters and 3 relief pitchers. I had three position players C, SS and OF to total my 10 keepers. Gonzales was a questionable keeper. I liked him and he should be the closer in Atlanta, either late this year or next year. Rivera is getting some age. I wanted to maintain two good closers on my roster. I, also figured, I did not have a position player I wanted more than, what I thought I could find in the draft.

Some good observations and some bad. I probably would have been better off not keeping Gonzales. Learning curve observation.

Draft approach. I made a list of 25 players I wanted. No starting pitchers, but a secondary list of relief pitchers if there was a run on relief pitching. I got three of the top four hitters I wanted for the positions.
My first was Felipe Lopez, he will play second base. He has a history of a five star rating for contributions in all five offensive categories. I will actually have a high stolen base player who will have an OBP over .3300.

Next, I wanted a high OBP first baseman. Considering, the majority of these players were already keepers, I hope to find a young player who could become a keeper in future years. Adrian Gonzalez was my first choice for first baseman, he was my second choice in my list of 25. When I hit on these two players, I thought this was going to be a pretty good draft.

Now my first two choices were not the best players in the draft, I just thought they were the best two players in the draft for the longterm needs of my team.

The run on relief pitchers hit, I did have a problem picking Salomon Torres. In fact, if I was smart, I would have kept him as a keeper instead of Gonzalez. He provided some nice saves late in the year. I guess you could say I gambled that a better relief pitcher would be available.

The next position I thought I needed was third base. This is an area that probably has almost as much quality depth as first base. There were many very good men. I had Chipper Jones as my third choice of 25 players, but he was long gone prior to my first pick. His OBP was something I could not ignore, considering I ranked 13th in that category last year. So 4th on my list of players who would help my team was Mark Teahen, there were many better 3rd basemen still on the market to be drafted, but, he had the combination of outfield and thirdbase in the near future, since Alex Gordon was going to take the position.

I actually had Bobby Bonds on my list of 25. When it came to his time, I had to pass. I thought it was an automatic pick when I made the list. My team was not as strong as I wanted, so I could not afford to blow that pick. I already gambled on Torres with my third pick.

Bond went at the end of the fifth round. However, I took Aubrey Huff, at the 65th pick or 215th depending upon how we are rating these players. He could have been a bit of a reach in comparison to Bonds, but not the risk. He could play OF and 3rd base. He actually might play enough first base this year to be a three position player. He has a high enough OBP, that he was a pretty good option. I paid for the pick. I wanted Jeremy Sowers, but, I rated him a sixth or seventh pick. He went a few picks later in the fifth round. I had four very good starters, but it was now time to get one.

Sixth round pick was Boof Bonser, Minnesota. This will be an interesting guy to watch. Ten more starting pitcher were drafted until the next starter I selected in the eighth round. I liked a lot of these guys. I just liked, maybe the better term is hoped that Boof had a little more chance of being a good fifth starter on my team.

The seventh pick was my what the F happened pick. Max asked about it on line, but, I must of pressed my finger on the draft, I wanted a different 3rd baseman, Ensberg or Mora, probably Mora, but, it was done and I could live with it at the moment. Max was good enough to follow up on line with me. Joe Crede, I had last year. The reason why I did not keep him as a keeper was his OBP. He got hurt in the year and it went down. His being the 17th in the draft, he probably was another gamble. He can hit HRs, but maybe a mistake. However, if he hits, I have two thirdbasemen I drafted earlier who can play the outfield. So, now I have a full offensive team without a DH.

The eighth pick was Bartolo Colon. He will miss April, but, he is a solid sixth pitcher in my rotation if he is healthy. He obviously has an upside.
So, six starting pitchers and four relief pitchers.

The ninth pick was Carlos Quentin, OF. I needed another outfielder/hitter. Where I noticed some owners went for young pitchers who will either surprise this year or be the ace of the staff next year, I went with a hitter that may fall into a very good hitter. Round 9 or 19, I guess we are all looking for lightning. It looked like the 19th round everyone was either taking a gamble on a young hitter or pitcher, someone who had a high upside with a risk like Cabrera, so good, but oh so risky. Even an injured player was too good to pass.

The tenth pick was basically the finish to my pitching staff. I picked up Joe Blanton. He won 16 games for me last year. However his ERA blossomed beyond anything I could imagine. If he repeated last year for ERA, he would get cut, but if he repeated 2005, he was a great pick.

These guys 11-13 were guys I wanted or thought they would be good for my team. I drafted David Dellucci, OF, Indians. He has a high OBP, hits HRs and could score some runs. I figured he would be batting 2nd in the Indians batting order. To my surprise, it looks like he might be batting sixth. He could really work out and he provides me another outfielder.

The twelve pick was Ryan Garko, 1st basemen, Cleveland Indians. I was going to keep him as my 10th keeper. He has high upside, but they were going to send him to the minors. I figured, what the H..., I needed a backup firstbaseman. It sounds like he actually might be the starting 1st baseman in Cleveland by June. I hope this happens. It could really help my team. He would make an excellent DH, he can hit and drive in runs. He can bat fourth or fifth in the Indians lineup by July and I could make up in the runs, RBIs, HRs and OBP categories.

The last pick is probably the strangest or funniest of them all. I figured since Colon is hurt for a month at least I better pick another starting pitcher. My computer screen wig out. The only players I could get for selections were hitters rated 999999999. Thank goodness, I had a pitcher still in my queue. John Maine, SP, New York Mets, this guy can get me some wins, because of the teams run support. I had him rated as the 90th starter early in the draft preparation process. He is young and has a little upside.

So, that is my draft self-evaluation. I hope I did not put you to sleep.
I enjoy this stuff.
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Unread postby swerb » Thu Mar 29, 2007 1:43 pm

Ram, I seriously considered Felipe Lopez with the #1 overall, and was hoping he'd slip to the top of rd 2. Also, you picked Blanton right before I was set to take him off the board.

And IMO, you're better off witrh Crede. And Colon could be a big steal for you that late.
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