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San Diego game

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San Diego game

Unread postby dpdad » Sun Nov 05, 2006 9:06 pm

Lord Almighty, Charlie Frye was freakin' horrible. Should have had at least six picks if SD could hold onto the ball. Inaccurate throws, terrible reads of coverage, holding onto the ball too long...I could go on and on.

I was a defender of Frye earlier in the season given the O-line woes, but he just was clueless against the Chargers. It's looking more and more to me that Charlie is just not the long-term answer the Browns are looking for at QB. If I can read body language, it seems that the receivers are getting frustrated as well. Frye just doesn't seem to lead the receivers very well, and they are constantly reaching up or behind to pull in the ball.
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Unread postby consigliere » Mon Nov 06, 2006 12:28 am

Frye = Tim Couch redux
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Unread postby British_Pharaoh » Mon Nov 06, 2006 9:32 am

the refs were practically giving us the game

Chargers gave us over 100 yards in penalties

Frye was atrocious

and it took us until very late in the 2nd quarter to throw to winslow
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Unread postby Guest » Mon Nov 06, 2006 9:49 am

The o-line had Charlie running for his life once again.

Unread postby furls » Mon Nov 06, 2006 9:53 am

The o-line had Charlie running for his life once again.

He apparently had plenty of time to stare down his receivers and make inaccurate throws. With a decent QB the Browns win that game, but it really doesnt matter because they are not going to the playoffs anyways.

Now, that being said, it is time to decide if Frye will develop into a good quarterback moving forward. It is not enough in the NFL anymore to just be OK. Teams with OK QBs make the playoffs sometimes, but that is about it.
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Unread postby yogi » Mon Nov 06, 2006 11:50 am

A few points.....

It appears Charlie has an injured thumb which would affect the accuracy of his throws.

One throw it would NOT affect is the alley-oop pass in the endzone. We have Joe at 6'5", KW2 at 6'4" and BE at 6'3"......How could we not call that f-ing play?????

That WAS Intentional grounding and would have made it 3rd & 18 or so. The subsequent 10 yard pass for a 1st down would not have been enough and they would have had to settle for a FG. That would have been an 8 points down instead of 14.

I'm down on Frye like most fans, but in my book he has at least 6 of the last 8 games to step up his game. The last 2, I'd give Anderson a look if Charlie shows he's not the answer.

For all the problems this team has, I'm seeing some good stuff on D. Not only does Wimbley look like a keeper but Jones and Pool are looking good as well. But what I really like is that we have good schemes that allow us to play guys like Ralph Brown and other unknown DBs and not really get hurt! Just like he Pats D. Now we just need some studs on the DL. RAC and Grantham are doing good things on this side of the ball.

We have really good Special Teams.

Andra Davis is really overrated.
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Unread postby wmurphyhh » Mon Nov 06, 2006 2:54 pm

I thought the defense played well for 3 quarters. I disagree with Brian Russell - they wore down. Wimbley looked awesome manhandling Ryan McNeil on that one sack.

I admit that I'm along way from the days of reading every line of the sports pages, including the transactions summary. Yet, I had no idea that we even had a DB named Perry on our team.

IMO the Browns need the following:
A left tackle
Two new guards (hopefully one being Steinbach)
A healthy LCB
1 starting CB (opposite a healthy Bodden)
D linemen

It'll be interesting to see if RAC is around to fill the needs.

Also, has Mel Tucker earned a promotion to DC based on what he has done with the DBs if Grantham leaves for MSU ?
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Unread postby furls » Mon Nov 06, 2006 4:27 pm

I think the Browns need:

1.) LT
2.) DE (I really like Fraser as a person, followed him close as a Buckeye, but I dont think he has what it takes to play DE in a 3-4)
3.) possibly a QB (I'd give Frye to the end of the season. I am not totally down on him, but I am rather concerned).
4.) DT/NT. I like big ted, but he is old and he can't play hard all that much. He kind of saves himself, by not working as hard on some plays. That isnt good.
5.) one more CB (maybe 2)

Based on where the Browns are drafting, they could potentially get the best O-Lineman in the draft (whomever that ends up being) or a CB with their first round pick.

DT is another position that the Browns need to fill early. Good DT's are not common and you need to grab em early.

DE's tend to be deeper in the draft and the talent drop off does not generally seem to severe, so I think that is a slot that they could fill in the 3rd or 4th round. The thing is that they HAVE
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Unread postby Guest » Mon Nov 06, 2006 5:55 pm

I'm not happy with Frye, but he obviously needs to be starting for the rest of the season. If they aren't happy with him, bring in Chris Simms or Jake Plummer next TC.

I think they need a new LG and RG more than they need a LT. Shaffer hasn't been horrible, but if they could find a good LT, it'd be a natural shift to put him at RT, as he didn't protect Vick's blindside in ATL, so it would be similar.

The entire defensive line needs replaced. Roye is the only decent one, and he's about done. I like Fraser as a backup, he brings a great motor into the game, but he's not a starter.

Get Bodden and Holly back to 100% next year along with DMC, and I'm real happy with the defensive backs.

Willie McG is done, but other than that, they're in excellent shape at LB

Unread postby pup » Mon Nov 06, 2006 6:49 pm

Cleveland Browns needs:

1. Head Coach
I am so sick and tired of "well, we were right there, in the game in the 4th quarter, just a couple of plays away bullshit". Look, we were LUCKY to even be in the game. San Diego took terrible penalty after terrible penalty and decided to give LT the first half off. Those are the only reasons this wasn't a 30 point game. We are not even close.

2. LT, LG, RG, RT
The only reason I don't list center is I need to have some optimism or I am going to explode, but odds are LCB is done and we need a brand new o-line from left to right.

3. Receivers that catch
Please? Braylon is a #2 receiver on a good team. We need a stud. We are not getting one any time soon since everything else needs upgraded.

4. D-line
If SD would have chosen, LT would have broken Jamall Lewis rushing record against us. 7 first half carries? Thanks Marty!

5. Linebackers
See above. Andre Davis still doesn't tackle anyone within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage.

6. QB
Fuck! Again? Start over. You can blame the offensive line all you want, but for all the "intangibles" that Frye has, he is bad in the 1st quarter, and worse in the 4th quarter. He locks onto receivers and when he doesn't he throws to the wrong spot. 5 times yesterday a receiver came out of a cut and the ball was thrown to the wrong spot. When it happens 5 times, with 3 different receivers, it is probably the QB.

I don't think any single one of these is more important than another. They all have to be done. We are so far away I think we are closer to Ohio State than Indy.
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Unread postby swerb » Tue Nov 07, 2006 12:12 am

That was one of the most horrific QB performances I've ever seen. As others mentioned, Frye could have EASILY been picked off 5-6 times.

The poor decision making, awful throws, staring down recievers, hanging on to the ball too long ... it was nothing short of disasterous.

You had to play Frye this year to see what you have. You need sample sizes of some significance to make judgements on guys. We've seen 14 games of Frye now. Yesterday was damning evidence that Frye is nothing more than an average backup QB.

Forget drafting a QB - I am not going down that road again.

Next year's QB NEEDS to be one of the following three guys:

David Garrard, Damon Huard, Matt Schaub

And draft LT Joe Thomas from Wisconsin. Dude impressed the hell out of me vs Penn St Saturday..
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Unread postby mark » Tue Nov 07, 2006 3:59 pm

The o-line was bad...but Frye is regressing in my opinion. He is not making any strides in readings defenses and making intelligent plays. He does not have the arm strength to be a sloppy passer. While his mobility is impressive, it isn't enough to get by on alone.

These 8 weeks are CRITICAL for Frye. This is a bad team...and Frye is part of the problem. He isn't the biggest issue, but he is a part of it.

As for the Couch comparsion---Frye has a way to go to be as good as Couch was---even in their respective 2nd seasons. I am not saying Couch was great or anything like that---but look at the number...consider the teams around them. For all the knocks on Couch, even in his first season he had a far superior feel for the pocket, reading defenses, and arm strength than Frye has demonstrated to this point. Frye can still develop into something---but being born in Ohio can only be worth so much. If he were born in any other state in the union, he wouldn't get this much of a pass.
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