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KC Chief Murder/Suicide

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Re: KC Chief Murder/Suicide

Unread postby LarsHancock » Tue Dec 04, 2012 2:54 pm

Hikohadon wrote:
LarsHancock wrote:By the way, out of curiosity, how do you transact the roster spot here? Do you cut him? Waive him? Is he "terminated"? Injured Reserve -head (designated not to return)?

Is his contract guaranteed for the season or not? Is the contract covered by some sort of insurance, or not covered in Belcher's case?

The NFL isn't showing an official transaction here.

Waived - Extremely Sleepy

Shurmur would want to put a claim in for him. He likes his players to be like him - brain dead.
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Re: KC Chief Murder/Suicide

Unread postby kman_holla8 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 9:51 pm

mattvan1 wrote:
kman_holla8 wrote:This had to have been building for awhile. He is 25 she is 22. They have a 3 month-old. Any man who had known a pregnant women, knows that there hormones change. It is tough to be around them sometimes when they filp to script on you because of hormones. So they had to have been fighting for awhile. Belcher just didn't buy a gun this week, so it is possible that it was pre-meditated. He is immature and doesn't understand or what to embrace being a father. The gf mother was probably called to watch the toddler. GF, goes to the concert, the club and the hotel lobby to kick it like she used to(with his money). She comes home, someone says something to talk smack. Belcher gets fed up with her grabs his gun and the rest is history.

Belcher “Was Dazed, Suffering From Short-Term Memory Loss” After Last Start; Alcohol, Painkillers, Domestic Tensions Played Role In Murder-Suicide

It almost plays itself out like a old Chappelle Show skit called "When keeping it real goes wrong."

So you, like the "friend" who was the source of Deadspin blog you quoted (without linking) essentially want to believe the whole thing was some big, explainable, misunderstanding and the victim "was the catalyst"? In other words the bitch deserved it?

Am I understanding your POV?

I did cut and paste from deadspin, Belcher is immature and doesn't understand or what (want) to embrace being a father. They are both unfit for parenting in my opinion judging by the deadspin article. The child is better off not to grow up in an environment like what was described in deadspin. I know I wasn't ready to raise a kid when I was there age.

I can understand JB59:POV was irratated at her. I can't understand why he thought shooting her 9 times was the best course of action. He is a coward for taking his own life instead of facing the music (of being a man, which scared him too.)
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Re: KC Chief Murder/Suicide

Unread postby mattvan1 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:51 pm

^^^^^ Ok. I didn't get what you wrote previously. Makes sense to me now. Thanks.
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