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Hiko w/Greatest Lead In Ever

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Hiko w/Greatest Lead In Ever

Unread postby peeker643 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:44 am

Just brilliant. Well done sir. Not quite graphic or horrific enough to summarize my day down there Sunday, but closer than anyone else has gotten:

I once read a story about a little girl whose father went off to war. When it was reported that he had been killed, her mother died of heartbreak. The girl was put in an orphanage, where she was beaten. She ran away to live on the streets, only to be kidnapped by thugs and forced to work in a dark basement sweatshop.

However, it turned out the father wasn't dead after all. He returned from the front and sought his daughter at the orphanage, but to no avail. So he decided to drive around the city, looking for her on the streets.

The girl somehow managed to escape her prison and ran outside, where she was blinded by the bright light and stopped in the middle of the street. Her father didn't see her until the last second and plowed her down with his car. She was so changed by her ordeal that he didn't even recognize the little girl he'd just crushed.

This story was more fun than watching the Browns game Sunday.
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Re: Hiko w/Greatest Lead In Ever

Unread postby LakeErieWarriors » Tue Oct 04, 2011 9:15 am

That's 100% true. I can't believe how caught up I was in the lockout situation for those few months. All for 4 terrible weeks of Browns football where we actually won 2 games. On paper, we should have been 4-0. By the way we've played, we should be 0-4. I can't wait for this weekend, I'll actually be able to enjoy the games, follow my fantasy matchup, and watch some good football. I hope these guys pull their heads outta their asses soon. :bag:
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Re: Hiko w/Greatest Lead In Ever

Unread postby googleeph2 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:09 pm

As great as this was, he's been pretty consistently awesome.

I still laugh at a recollection of something he did a couple years ago. Eating hot chili peppers with friends, he shared the importance of being careful with the capsaisin you get on your hands. Wouldn't want to get it in any sensitive areas, like your eyes. The piece drifted to football, and then ended with a friend's screams from the bathroom hahhaaaa
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